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3 Women Reveal What Made Them Cheat On Their Partners

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After cheating on their partners, three women explained their side of the story and what prompted them to commit infidelity.

When it comes to having an affair, people are quick to blame the person who cheated, believing that they wronged their partners.

However, these women’s stories shared with Relationship Rules may show what the person who cheated had been thinking.

Here are 3 women who explained why they cheated on their partners.

1. Laura fell out of love with her husband.

After being married to her ex-husband for more than a decade, Laura couldn’t find herself feeling in love with him anymore.

The thought of leaving him came to mind but she wanted to stay together for their children.

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So, she decided to cheat on him with a mutual friend.

This mutual friend had liked Laura for a long time and wanted to be with her, however, things never worked out between the two and they married different people.

“We settled for being in a secret affair with one another for the longest time,” Laura said.

“We have tried to break it off and cease contact with one another. But these efforts were always short-lived.”

Neither of them wanted to hurt their spouses, but Laura eventually told her husband everything.

The two tried to make their marriage work for another year but were unable to make it last and got divorced.

Laura explained, “We decided to move on. I never got in touch with that mutual friend again. I wanted to turn over a new leaf and start fresh.”

2. Grace’s partner made her feel unappreciated in their relationship.

She had been with her boyfriend for around two years when she cheated on him.

Grace felt like her boyfriend wasn’t putting enough effort into their relationship.

A year into their relationship was when Grace found their love to be fading and started exploring other options.

“He stopped paying attention [to] all of the little things. He no longer went the extra mile to make me feel happy in the relationship and I felt like I was being taken for granted,” Grace said.

“I just wasn’t happy at that point and I was feeling very unfulfilled, neglected, and unappreciated in our relationship.”

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Grace went on to cheat on her boyfriend with another man from her neighborhood who had shown interest in her even before she had been in a relationship.

She felt like she committed infidelity as a response to her boyfriend’s negligence in their relationship.

Grace said, “My boyfriend never found out and I guess I only really went through it as an act of spite.”

3. Karen cheated because she didn’t want to be cheated on.

She claimed that she has committed infidelity in most of her relationships because she has trust and attachment issues.

Karen is quite happy and feels like herself when it’s the start of their relationship.

However, when the relationship starts to get serious, she gets scared.

“I’m always so frightened of that emotional depth. And in some weird way, I go into a kind of self-destructive mode,” Grace said.

“I cheat on my man as a way of making sure that things don’t get serious in the relationships.”

Unfortunately, that behavior never pans out for her as she always ends up being single again.

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