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Man Calls Asian In-N-Out Diner 'Kim Jong-Un's Boyfriend' & Declares Himself A 'Slave Master' In Hateful Tirade

Photo: TikTok
Arine Kim, Elliot Ha

A man was recently caught on camera hurling racist and homophobic slurs toward two Asian friends while the two were dining together.

The incident happened on December 24 at a California In-N-Out and was captured in a TikTok video by Arine Kim and Elliot Ha, who were both approached by a man while eating at the fast food establishment.

The man spewed anti-Asian hate while Kim and Ha were trying to enjoy their In-N-Out.

In the clip, Kim and Ha were filming themselves eating at In-N-Out when they were suddenly approached by a man who immediately began harassing them.

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"You’re filming yourself eating? You’re weird homosexuals,” the man, identified as Jordan Douglas Krah, says to them.

At first, Kim and Ha laugh off the man's remarks, trying to poke fun at his abrupt comment. However, Krah soon returns to their table.

“Are you Japanese or Korean?" he asks. When Ha confirms that he's Korean, Krah then proceeds to ask, "Are you Kim Jong Un’s boyfriend? You have gay sex with him?”

Things quickly turn serious after Ha jokingly responded to Krah's comments while Kim repeatedly tells her friend, "Stop," and to not engage with him anymore.

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Krah then threatens to "spit" in their faces before walking off once more, only to return to Kim and Ha's table again.

Kim and Ha attempt to remain calm, while Krah declares himself as a "slave master" before hurling a homophobic slur toward Ha and telling him, "See you outside in a minute."

A bystander in the restaurant then comes up to Ha and Kim to check on them, telling the two, "This is not in the name of holiday cheer."

Police identified and arrested Krah for attempting to commit a hate crime.

According to CBS News, police in San Ramon, California, was able to identify and arrest Krah in connection to Kim and Ha's TikTok video. 

Authorities arrested 40-year-old Jordan Douglas Krah from Denver, Colorado on suspicion of committing a hate crime. He was booked into the Contra Costa County Jail in Martinez.

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"We will continue to take swift and diligent legal action against acts of hate to help create an inclusive place for all to live, work, and visit," police said in a statement.

Before arresting Krah, San Ramon Police said they've received complaints about similar behavior from what appears to be the same man.

While speaking to KTLA, Kim shared that she and her friend decided to wait until the In-N-Out location closed before leaving, and asked one of the employees to check outside in case Krah was waiting for them. 

Kim also revealed that Krah had come back into the restaurant to pick up his order, where he began harassing other people of color sitting inside.

“My friend and I were a bit shaken after the incident but I’m just grateful we’re both safe and out of harm’s way," she told KTLA.

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