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Woman Berates Nail Salon Owner For 'Speaking 10% English' & Threatens To Call Police After She Was Refused Service

Photo: @itsgoneviral/TikTok
woman arguing with nail salon worker

Keeping entitled customers happy is the bane of any employee's existence and most people know that customers who treat these employees with reckless disregard make the job much more difficult.

A video shared by a TikTok account called It’s Gone Viral documented a customer making a nail salon worker's day miserable.

She berated nail salon employees and mocked their lack of English.

It seems that she showed up late to her appointment and was told she could no longer receive service that day.

The video starts with the owner of the salon clearly speaking with the woman.

The woman cuts the owner off, blurting out, “I don’t understand. You speak English 10% of the time. And the rest from the other language.”

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The owner of the salon tells the customer that they have a camera, indicating that she has a video to prove the validity of what she is saying.

She tells the angry woman, “You can see them if you want. You can see them again.”

The customer appears to be disinterested in getting down to the truth and tells the entrepreneur, “Listen, I have to do my nails. You have to do my nails. Please. I can’t. You have to do my nails.”

As the owner shakes her head from side to side telling her “no” repeatedly.

The woman then switches gears, raising her voice and sounding as if she might cry. “I came in… at 5:30. I made the appointment to do my nails. I have to do my nails or I’m going to call the cops. Seriously, I have a flight. Please.”

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The owner calmly tells her, “Ma’am, you can call. We can call, too. Yeah, we can because we have you on camera.

The irate patron acts like she is calling the police and tells the woman that she doesn’t care about the presence of the camera or it’s footage.

She folds her arms across her chest, determined to make the women who work at the salon provide the services she wants.

She also starts talking about her friend who has a “wonderful” nail salon. This begs the question of why she didn’t schedule an appointment there.

Unable to tolerate her rant any longer, the woman filming speaks up. She says, “Ma’am, you are literally disturbing the whole salon. I would appreciate it if you could just take this outside.”

The woman, shocked that no one is buying her plight starts to explain why she should be taken care of despite her tardiness and her lack of respect for the women working there.

The video recorder responds, “It does not matter. There is a decorum. You have to have some decency. And be a little bit more respectful.”

It looks like she got the last word because the video ends there.

As expected, viewers had a field day with her erratic behavior. One person posted, “Cops that get these kinds of calls (if she seriously called the cops) do not deserve this stress too.”

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