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Mom Berates Bank Employee Saying He's The Reason Her Kids Won't Receive Christmas Presents

Photo: Noah Kerns / TikTok.

TikTok user and bank employee Noah Kerns posted a greenscreen video of his interaction with a woman who blamed him as the reason her kids won’t receive Christmas presents this year.

The woman, who identified herself as Susie James, had a “time-sensitive” request for Kerns. 

James stated that she had a car payment coming out that night and that she would be charged $30 if the bank let it go through. 

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The mom ended up arguing with the bank teller, guilt-tripping him about Christmas.

Kerns clarified the situation back to James, stating “you authorized a car payment for tonight and you don’t have enough money for it to go through.”

The woman responded that she didn’t authorize anything, to which Kerns asked if she set up the automatic payment for the bill. 



She replied that she did set up the automatic payment, but was incapable of paying it that day.

James stated that she was $10 short of the payment, and in her words, “it really shouldn’t be a big deal to just hold it off until I get paid.”

Kerns asked if she’d contacted the financial institution responsible for the car loan to see if they could stop the payment.

She answered that she had contacted the financial institution, and they stated it was too late to delay the payment, which is why she called Kerns at the bank. 

Kerns went on to explain that the bank could issue a stop payment for a $20 fee, which would be “a little less than the $30 fee.”

The woman responded that she “didn’t understand” why the stop payment would cost $20. 

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She then blamed Kerns as “the reason my kids aren’t getting Christmas presents.”

“I’m so sorry about that, ma’am,” Kerns replied, after taking a deep breath.

The woman continued to complain, wondering why the payment couldn’t just be pushed back. 

“Because you authorize the transaction for this date,” Kerns stated in response. 

He explained that the loan company would charge a $30 fee if the money wasn’t available in her account and that they are allowed to retry the transaction up to 3 times, “so you could inevitably get 3 fees if we don’t issue the stop payment.”

Kerns told the woman that the other option would be for her to deposit $10 in the bank to cover the gap in payment so that the transaction would go through. 

James told Kerns he was “so inconsiderate.”

"This call is pointless,” she said and hung up the phone.

Along with the hashtag #bekind, Kerns posted that viewers could tune in the following day to learn how to “properly talk to a representative.” 

One TikTok user pointed out that “Christmas comes the same time every year,” and that the woman should “plan better.”

Another user commented that “I love when their lack of planning becomes our problem.”

While the holidays can be a stressful time, stress is no excuse for being rude to someone who’s just trying to do their job. 

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