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Flight Attendant Yells 'I Am Not Your Servant' After Heated Argument With A Passenger Over A Sandwich

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Stewardess on airplane

“I am an employee. I am not your servant,” yelled a frustrated flight attendant who clearly had enough with one passenger's antics. 



Reddit is home to some of the most shocking and outrageous stories on the Internet, but this video filmed on December 16th and posted to the Antiwork thread takes it to new heights. 

The Antiwork, or r/antiwork, thread of Reddit is a place for users to unload all of their work-related stories — from horrible customers to workplace horror stories, it’s a forum to jokingly suggest “unemployment for all”. 

Allegedly having broken out on an IndiGo flight from Istanbul to Delhi, this recorded argument between a stewardess and one of the plane’s passengers surely wasn’t the turbulence the crew had prepared for. 

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After not receiving his meal, one passenger started a heated argument — leaving the stewardess crying. 

Over what seemed to be a miscommunication over a previously ordered meal, the stewardess made her way over to the passenger in hopes to remedy the situation. 

After previously booking a sandwich for his flight, the man changed his mind after boarding and tried to request a different meal during the dinner service. 

Instead of being understanding when the stewardess explained it was not possible to accommodate his change of appetite, the passenger blew up with anger at the crew member. 

“Please try to understand, there is a cart and counted meals…we can only serve what you ordered on your boarding pass,” the stewardess is heard saying on the video. 

After a supposed few minutes of trying to calm the passenger down, the stewardess ultimately broke down in tears — which enraged the passenger even further. 

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When the screaming continued, the stewardess blew up on the passenger.  

“You are pointing fingers at me and yelling at me,” she says in the video, “My crew is crying because of you.” 

Protecting her coworkers and herself from mistreatment, she raises her voice at the man — pointing to his previously booked order slip and explaining the situation once again. 

Ironically, the man didn’t enjoy being screamed at — “Why are you yelling?” he angrily shouted into the stewardess’ face. 

With the man’s sudden raise in volume, other passengers on the plane are seen looking around in confusion and shock as the argument grew more and more heated. 

Other members of the crew start to rally around her in the video, which the stewardess points to while yelling back, “Because you are yelling at us!”

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Another stewardess intervened after the man yelled that she was ‘just an employee’ and to ‘shut up’. 

“No. I am so sorry sir, but you can not talk to the crew like that,” the stewardess said in the last few seconds of the video. 

As another stewardess intervened, putting her hand on her coworker’s shoulder, the man seemed disgruntled and aggravated to have his disrespect broadcasted to the entire plane

“I am peacefully listening to you with all due respect. But, you have to respect the crew, as well,” she said. 

As she began to walk away, the man yelled, “Shut up! You are just an employee.” 

Refusing to be treated as a ‘servant’, the stewardess stood her ground against the disgruntled passenger. 

“Yes, I am an employee,” she yelled back, “But, I am not your servant.” 

While some Reddit commenters and Internet viewers may be divided on whether or not the stewardess was out of line, IndiGo CEO Sanjiv Kapoor confidently stood behind her. 

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“Crew are human too,” Kapoor wrote in a Tweet on December 21st, “It must have taken a lot to get her to breaking point. Over the years I have seen crew slapped and abused on board flights, called “servant” and worse.” 

One commenter agrees about the ‘pressure’ the stewardess and entire crew must be under, saying “Many customers act so f—ing entitled sometimes…There should be equal respect. They aren’t slaves.” 

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