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Bridesmaid Warns Wedding Guests ‘I’m Not Gonna Be Racist’ Before Delivering Rude Speech

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Wedding speeches can be incredibly beautiful, or incredibly cringeworthy. A viral tiktok of over 1 million views depicted a woman who chose the latter. 

The video was shared by the sister of the groom with the caption, So my brother got married this past weekend and this was one of the speeches from friends… Think miss girl was nervous but wheeww had a few of us like,” it ended with two cringe face emojis. 

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The bridesmaid warned guests she wouldn't 'be racist' before talking about the interracial couple.

In the video, the woman began by introducing herself as Shannon, saying that she had known the bride for nine years — though she couldn't quite remember if that was accurate. 

She expressed that she didn’t know the groom that well, but the bride had been talking about him nonstop. 



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“You guys are hope,” the speech started off well enough until she jokingly made a threat to the groom. 

“You better take care of my girl. Cause if you don’t, I know where you live” to which a woman in the background replied "wow." 

Before any other comments were made, Shannon said that she was just joking around. Which led to a few awkward laughs. 

The video continued with Shannon complimenting the couple on “how cute” they were. Then, for some reason, she followed with “I’m not gonna be racist you guys”.

She laughed and then repeated the same phrase, but this time she did it while snapping her fingers to the side.

Which definitely raised an eyebrow. Then she went on to talk about how they were “outstepping the stereotype” by being an interracial couple. 

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Even though interracial marriage was legalized decades ago, it is still considered something "out of the box."

Using the wedding to draw attention to the couple's different races and saying that that "inspires" her may have been intended as a compliment but Shannon is risking fetishizing what should just be considered a normal relationship.

After the strange snapping, she said “I love Black people” — thank you for clarifying that, Shannon!

“You guys are the best” and she emphasized the word best in a deeper voice. 

She had started to trail off toward the end. Thankfully, someone in the crowd had put an end to the speech for her by starting the round of applause. 

One commenter was grateful for whoever that was that started clapping, “Whoever started clapping = hero. I mean, that had to end. Brutal.”

“Oh no… the secondhand embarrassment I feel is strong,” said another. 

A third user simply said, "Ain’t no way." 

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