Kid Fights Off The Grinch Who Broke Into His Home To 'Steal' Gifts During Parents' Frightening 'Prank'

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch!

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Most children are highly anticipating a visit from Santa to deliver their gifts this Christmas season. 

However, they are not expecting the Grinch, the despicable Dr. Seuss character who is known for stealing Christmas gifts, to break into their homes and steal whatever is under the tree. 

Unfortunately for some children on TikTok, this was their reality and they were left shocked and horrified after receiving an unexpected visit from the Grinch. 


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One video depicts “the Grinch” breaking into a family's home and stealing gifts while a little boy attempts to fight him off. 

The Grinch is obviously just an actor in costume hired by parents to prank their children. However, the children are unaware of this. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 42 million times, a mother records the reactions of her two sons after the Grinch makes a surprise visit to their home. 



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The boys are sitting on the couch when suddenly, the front door opens, and the Grinch bursts in. 

As he waves a finger to the children, they start screaming and one of them stands up and hurls a couch pillow at him. 

As the Grinch makes his way over to the Christmas tree to steal the presents underneath, the same little boy who threw the pillow sprints over to him and begins punching and shoving him. 

The boy continues to put up a strong fight as the Grinch shoves him to the ground and begins to place the gifts in a garbage bag. 

Eventually, the boy’s father has to intervene to pull his son away from the Grinch while his younger son looks on and screams. 


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“Get out of my house!” the little boy can be heard shouting as his father wrenches him out of the Grinch’s reach. 

Even after the Grinch leaves the house with the boys’ gifts in tow, he continues to chase him and demands that he return their stolen presents, 

“Not stealing presents without a fight in this house!” the mother captioned the video. 

These little boys were not the only children who encountered the Grinch this holiday season. 

Other parents have posted their children’s reactions to the Grinch making an appearance to steal their gifts. 




Sometimes, the Grinch appears at the window to surprise the children with a jump scare. 

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No matter what his approach is, it usually results in horrified children screaming and crying. 


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While parents claim that having the Grinch come to scare their kids is a harmless prank, others are worried about the trauma and stress it causes for the children. 

“I’ll never understand how parents think it’s funny to watch kids upset,” one TikTok user commented. 

“This is so sad those kids were heartbroken,” another user commented. 


“Christmas is supposed to be joyful,” another user added. 

However, others argued that it would be a funny memory for the children in the future. 

“All you people saying ‘this is wrong’ obviously can’t deal with life. This will be a precious memory when they grow up,” one user claimed. 

“Now I want to have a kid to do this to them,” another user commented. “Oh, the joys of being a parent.” 

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