Woman Films Husband Dressed As Michael Myers 'Terrorizing' His Community & Embarrassing Their Kids

The videos are hilarious.

Michael Myers of Decatur, Indiana TikTok

Sabrina Zimmerman has gone viral on TikTok after a whole year of posting her husband dressed up as Michael Myers from the "Halloween" series, “terrorizing” the town and embarrassing her and her kids.

The original video has received over 5 million views on Facebook with over 160 thousand shares and over 1 million views on TikTok, where she now posts all of their videos.

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The viral TikToks feature her husband's haunting Micheal Myers costume. 

It all started when Zimmerman went to pick up her son from football game and on the drive home, she saw her husband in his Michael Myers costume riding a bike around the neighborhood with a skeleton baby in a carriage behind him.

“Oh my God. What the hell are you doing,” she says to her husband as he stops next to her car. “Are we these people now? Riding around with a skeleton baby and my bike?”


The classic Halloween theme is playing in the background as her husband, Evan Zimmerman, just stares at her without saying a word.

“Seriously, get home or I’m going to have you committed,” she said before turning to her son. “I leave to pick you up from a football game, and your dad does this.”

However, that was only in September — it wasn’t even October yet. Once October started, she drove past a cornfield with her younger son on the way to his school when he spotted his father standing there watching the road.

“Mom, is that Dad?” he asked her. When she said yes, he replied “Now I’m not going to have any more friends.”

Once she dropped her son off, Sabrina went back around and yelled at Evan, “Get in the car!”


“You’re supposed to be at work, Evan. Mason is mortified, get in the car,” she told him. “There’s little kids going to and from school and you’re standing in a field.”

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Zimmerman's town of Decatur, Indiana is in on the joke. 

It’s all fun and games in the town of Decatur. Evan does it all the time — going around on bikes, scooters, even peering into the windows of businesses and making an appearance at his son’s football game as a cheerleader.

“I am totally low-key obsessed with these videos!!” says someone in the comments of one of her TikToks. “You guys are brilliant.”


There was even a video where they got the police in their town in on the gag too.

The police trailed him all the way to their house with their sirens blaring, faking like they were pulling him over for something.

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“Today Evan’s doing 10 miles an hour down the highway, not wearing a seatbelt,” one of the officers said. “We want you guys to keep doing videos, but they gotta be safe, you know?”

While the officer is talking to Sabrina, he takes the flashlight from the officer’s belt and puts the strobe setting on his face before they tell him to stop.


Later in the video, he’s seen in the police car, using the microphone to blast his breathing over the loudspeaker before they finally decide to take him to the station and take his mugshot — with the costume still on.

The “Michael Myers of Decatur” often plays pranks on the police and neighbors and even his wife — with the usual ending where Sabrina calls him an “idiot” and tells him to either get back home or get in her car.

With October almost over, Evan only has a little more time left before it’s November and the Michael Myers bit falls out of season — not that it would ever stop him anyway.

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