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Inside The Claim That Amber Heard Is 'Homeless' After Her New Court Filing Claims She Has No Address

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Questions about Amber Heard’s living situation have arisen after the former actress filed court documents declaring that she was no longer a resident of the U.S. 

The "Aquaman" star and her legal team are attempting to halt depositions in a civil dispute between two insurance companies fighting over their financial liability for the $10 million she owes Johnny Depp.

Heard was ordered to pay Depp this sum after a Virginia court determined that she had defamed in a trial that ended in June.

Following the recent filing, rumors have circulated among Depp's fans online that Heard is homeless. However, the reality of her claims is somewhat complex.

Is Amber Heard homeless?

Heard is stateless, according to court documents.

Heard, who has been traveling the world since shortly after the end of her defamation lawsuit, is reportedly using her lack of permanent residence to push back against lawsuits filed against her in relation to the money owed to Depp.

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Amber Heard's legal team says she has no permanent residence.

Heard is perhaps legally homeless but could better be described as "stateless" — at least as far as this lawsuit is concerned.

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"The defendant is a United States citizen but has no domicile in any State. She is 'stateless,'" the filing from Heard's team reads.

The court filing argues that the insurance case should not proceed while Heard is attempting to appeal the verdict in the defamation lawsuit taken by her ex-husband.

Two insurance companies, New York Marine and Traveler’s General Insurance Co., are fighting over their financial liability for the $10 million. 

One of the court filings refers to a “Jurisdictional Infirmity,” which in legal matters is a term that means “any imperfections that render a particular transaction void or incomplete.” 

In simple terms, Heard's team is arguing that the case should not proceed because she was not a resident of the U.S. when she was sued.

New York Marine lawyers, however, are questioning whether Heard really was not a United States resident when they sued her and state they have received no evidence proving this claim.

They also argue that Heard's lawyers failed to mention the jurisdictional question they’re now raising when the depositions were initially scheduled.

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Amber Heard was last seen in Spain.

Heard has kept a low profile since the defamation lawsuit ended.

According to Page Six, she has been spending time in Palma de Mallorca, Spain alongside her 1-year-old daughter Oona and friends.

Prior to this, Heard was photographed on a trip to Israel.

In July, TMZ reported that she had sold her home in Yucca Valley, California. It is unclear if she has another residence in the U.S.

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