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Johnny Depp Supporters Think Amber Heard 'Rented' Her Baby For Sympathy After Spotting 'Clues' On Social Media

Photo: Andrea Raffin / Shutterstock/Instagram
Amber Heard, Oonagh Paige Heard

After being sued for defamation by her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, and losing, “Aquaman” actress Amber Heard has kept silent across all her social media accounts.

Before her silent streak, however, she posted on Instagram often and included several photos of her daughter, Oonagh Paige Heard, across her feed.

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As Depp fans rushed to find something else they could criticize Heard for, they’ve landed on a theory that places Oonagh at the center.

Johnny Depp fans claim that Amber Heard was renting her baby to get sympathy online.

Back in early August, Heard was photographed in Tel Aviv with a baby stroller that was seemingly empty without a baby in sight.

Many wondered where Heard's 1-year-old daughter was as she hung out with Eve Barlow and another friend — going to a bookstore and getting lunch together.

The 36-year-old single mother claimed that she had her child on April 8, 2021, in a post made last July, but since then, people have been skeptical about her baby’s appearance.

After the photos of the empty stroller were made public, a Twitter user posted an email they received from an unknown source that claimed Heard's baby was fake — or at least not hers.

"I can confirm that Amber Heard does not have a baby,” read the email. “She does not have a kid and rents or borrows a kid for her Instagram shots and her stroller is a prop used to garner sympathy. You can't even match up the babies' faces across the shots."

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They claim that Heard actually sold her embryos since they were from a "coveted gene pool."

None of this comes from a credible source, but many Depp fans believe it to be true.

“IF this article is true & I think it is. She will stop at nothing to get sympathy & what she wants,” read another tweet. “We've wondered who takes care of baby as she dines, shops, parties, & travels the world. Do her defenders stand by her renting babies?”

Many people pointed to a specific Instagram post where Heard is holding up a child as she works out in the living room, adding that there’s no way Oonagh could have grown to that size in such a short amount of time.

Oonagh was supposedly one year old, but that girl in the photo could have been at least four.

What many of these Depp fans didn’t know was that Amber’s sister, Whitney Heard, has a son with long blonde hair much like the child in the photo.

Not everything is a conspiracy, but despite being told the facts, many people still cannot be convinced that Heard is a mother.

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