Former Prosecutor Reveals Details Of How Gabby Petito’s Body Was Found After Analyzing Crime Scene Footage

He looked for signs of struggle and other clues.

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After the release of the Teton County coroner’s autopsy of Gabby Petito more details are emerging about how the 22-year-old was found.

Wyoming coroner, Dr. Brent Blue, revealed that Petito’s cause of death was strangulation and disclosed that her body had been “out in the wilderness” for 3-4 weeks before she was found.

However, he declined to go into details about what state Petito was found in. But, a former prosecutor is revealing his own observations from the scene.


Helicopter footage of the Gabby Petito crime scene was analyzed.

Kurt Morgan, a long time Salt Lake County prosecutor, analyzed footage taken by a helicopter that flew over Grand Teton National Park shortly after Petito’s body was found

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The footage, taken by KSL, has not been made public in its entirety but the outlet did show the video to Morgan for his analysis. 


Morgan says there were no signs of struggle at the crime scene.

 “One of the things I’ve been seeing in this story is a history of these individuals getting into fights and she attacked him,” said Morgan. 

“I don’t see that here. All I see is one individual who suffered the damage and no evidence of injury created by her.”

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Morgan did not notice marks on the ground that might indicate that Petito was fighting her attacker. 

He also noted that there were no signs that her body was moved or dragged. 

Morgan says Gabby Petito’s killer fled quickly. 

Judging by the helicopter footage and the statement made by the coroner who examined Petito’s body, she was not buried after her death.


There had previously been speculation that a black tarp taken from the van Petito shared with Brian Laundrie was used to cover her — this is unconfirmed. 

There are also reports that she was covered with a blanket. Morgan also noted that there was a pair of hiking boots located beside the body. 

It is unclear if these boots belonged to Petito. 

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Morgan claimed that the scene suggests that Petito’s killer acted quickly and did not stick around. 

“This was quick. This was not sitting here for five or six hours, trying to figure out how to conceal a crime,” he said.

It will take forensic evidence to place Brian Laundrie at the scene.

Petito’s boyfriend, Laundrie, remains a person of interest in her homicide but, thus far, is only facing criminal charges for allegedly using her bank card without authorization


Morgan says that, because Petito was strangled, there could be fingerprints or DNA at the scene. 

“And those things I would have to look at very, very carefully as a prosecutor,” he added.

Dr. Blue did confirm that DNA was taken from Petito’s body but he declined to speak on any possible suspects in the case.  


Morgan’s observations have likely been noted by investigators in the case as they seek to build their case. 

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