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Brian Laundrie Is Being Compared To Chris Watts After More Details About Gabby Petito’s Homicide Emerge

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Brian Laundrie And Chris Watts

Internet sleuths have been pointing out eerie similarities between Brian Laundrie and Chris Watts as the investigation into Gabby Petito’s death unfolds. 

Watts murdered his pregnant wife, Shanann, and two daughters back in 2018 in a crime that has many parallels to Petito’s homicide. 

While Laundrie remains only a person of interest in Petito’s death, and not an official suspect, many are using Watts as a point of reference while theorizing Laundrie’s involvement in Petito’s death. 

Brian Laundrie and Chris Watts have several similarities. 

Aside from their physical similarities, the pair are being compared for their mannerisms, how they’ve responded to the disappearance of their partners and their families. 

Brian Laundrie and Chris Watts were both unassuming people.

Both men have been described positively by the people who knew them. 

Watts’ neighbors once described his family as “perfect” and few suspected that behind closed doors, a nightmare would unfold. 

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High school friends of Laundrie described him as “quiet” and a “social outcast.” These unassuming characteristics disrupt what we usually think of about alleged criminals. 

Both Watts and Laundrie were seen having calm demeanors. 

Bodycam footage taken of Laundrie after police were called to a domestic incident between him and Petito back in August shows the 23-year-old acting laid back despite the obviously tense situation.

In the footage, which was taken after a 911 caller claimed to have witnessed Laundrie hit Petito, Petito is visibly upset and anxious. 

Yet, Laundrie is able to calmly explain his version of events and laughs with police officers at the scene.

The incident even led police to suggest that Petito was the aggressor, not Laundrie. If the 911 call is accurate, the footage may show Laundrie’s ability to calmly manipulate investigators into believing his innocence.

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The footage echoes an interview with Watts shortly after his wife and daughters’ disappearance. 

In the now-infamous interview, Watts stands with his arms folded and recounts the last time he saw his wife and daughters while smiling, in parts. 

Brian Laundrie did not aid police in their search for Gabby Petito.

Laundrie returned home to North Port, Florida on September 1 without Petito — she would later be found dead on September 19.

Laundrie is said to have ignored Petito’s family’s calls and questions about their daughter’s whereabouts. He then did not speak to police at all before he disappeared on September 13. 

This echoes the nonchalance shown by Watts after his wife and daughters were reported missing. 

It was Shanann’s friend who first raised concerns about her location. Watts then told police he had no idea where his wife and children were. 

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He also lied on a polygraph test before eventually confessing to killing his wife but still initially claimed Shanann had killed the girls. 

Refusing to disclose helpful information to police is certainly something the men have in common. 

Brian Laundrie and Chris Watts’ parents are also being compared.

Watts’ parents infamously insisted upon his innocence even after he had confessed to the murders of his family. 

His mother insisted he was coerced into confessing. They later told a courtroom that they had forgiven their son. 

Laundrie’s parents have also been scrutinized for their silence and apparent protection of their son. Many theorize that they are covering for him in some way.

However, since neither Laundrie or his family have been accused of being involved in Petito’s death this is all speculation. 

Gabby Petito and Shanann Watts both died by strangulation.

A Wyoming coroner disclosed yesterday that Petito’s cause of death was strangulation. This is also how Shanann Watts was killed.

Strangulation is a tragically common form of intimate partner violence. In Oklahoma alone, 80% of women who were victims of abuse by their partner from 2009 to 2013 reported having been strangled during the course of their relationship.

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