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Woman Searches Her Name On Her Company's Slack & Finds Co-Workers' 'Running Jokes' About Her

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Flashy corporate CEOs, the newly hired coworker, HR — maybe they’re not as far off from your high school friends as you thought. 

In a TikTok video from November 10th, 2022, Dero (@dandydemon) shocked her followers with a horrifying discovery she found on Slack, her company’s messaging program. 

“Go ahead and search your name on slack. You will be surprised at the channels that are public, talking about you — that you can read!” 

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Dero searched her name on Slack and revealed conversations of her coworkers joking about her.

“I saw notes from when I was interviewing,” Dero said, “I saw a group chat that was talking about me. In that group chat, I became a running joke… I was name-dropped many many times.”

If you’re still here, and not already typing into the search bar on your own Slack account, you’re likely feeling similar to the majority of her comment section. 

“I think I’ll leave that one left unsearched,” one user wrote, “Makes me anxious even thinking about it.”

Another user couldn’t handle the suspense, asking, “Don’t skimp out. What were they saying about you?"

Seemingly indifferent about the situation, the user replied to the comment with another response video, ready to spill all the drama about her coworker’s "secret" conversations.

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Dero claims that her 'weirdness' lent to them joking about her on Slack.

“For context,” she jokes, “I am a weird f--king person.”

Coming into a corporate position, and a seemingly very professional environment, she says she tried her hardest to “keep [her weirdness] under wraps.”

Although she admits while laughing, “If you ask me a personal question, it will just seep through.”

So, when her remote position started and she met with all of her coworkers online, she was ready to set "her weird" aside and bluff through her forced introduction.

Like a pro, that’s just what she did. “They asked me the dreaded question — What do you do for fun?”

“I don’t remember what I said. I just lied,” she admits about her answer.

However, her coworkers weren’t necessarily envious or ready to start a new friendship.

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The Slack conversations revealed managers jokingly theorizing about what she did for fun.

“They were talking about that exact moment,” she revealed, talking about her brief introduction to the team.

One manager said, “Oh, she parties. She definitely parties.”

Other coworkers made jokes about her mullet-style hair — sounds too much like high school gossip to ignore, right?

Comments on this video seemed outraged at the Slack messages, urging her to sue.

“Why would I get a lawyer because someone is talking shit about my hair. Like, let them talk,” she said.

With an incredibly lighthearted demeanor, despite being the brunt of her company’s jokes, she ends the video tempting her followers to do the same.

“Moral of the story,” she says, ”it is worth searching your name on Slack, just for the morbid curiosity of it.”

Best of luck on all your Slack adventures — let’s hope they’re much more endearing than these.

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