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Woman Says Plane Passenger Let Baby Crawl On Her After She Wouldn't Move Seats So The Family Could Sit Together

Photo: Instagram / TikTok
Plane passenger from TikTok

Everyone’s nightmare — babies on an airplane. You’re drifting off to sleep, turbulence rocking you to sleep, and suddenly — a baby crying. What could be worse than that? 

User @diaryofasolotraveler posted on TikTok something that very well could be worse. 

“When I woke up, the child was climbing on top of me.” 



Walking down the aisle, this user could already tell she’d be sitting next to a baby. That wasn’t the issue, though. 

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When the passenger arrived at her row with a baby, she was furious when the TikTok user refused to give up her seat. 

Starting her video, this experienced traveler shared how she always aligns her sleep schedule with her flights. Exhausted from an already long day of traveling, she was ready to fall asleep comfortably in her chosen aisle seat. 

With a tap on the shoulder, a plane passenger quickly broke her comfort, asking if she’d move seats.

With a baby in her arm, and her husband behind her, the woman asked if she’d prefer to have a window seat. 

“You can always ask,” the user says empathetically in the video, “The problem is the people who get mad when they don’t get their way.” 

Being that she’d chosen an aisle seat for comfort, she told the woman that she would prefer to stay in her own seat. 

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After refusing politely to give up her seat, she was met with an angry plane passenger.

Digruntedly, the woman slid past her into her window seat with the baby, and her husband returned to his window seat. 

“I think out of spite this woman refused to deal with her child.” 

Finally dozing back to sleep, the user was completely out before the plane had even taken off. 

When she finally woke, ten thousand miles high, she looked down to see the woman’s baby in her lap. 

Stunned at the infant crawling around in her lap, she did all that she could think to do — she went back to sleep. 

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“I did not know what to do,” she admits. 

Comments on the video were quick to give her suggestions. One commenter says, “I would have called a flight attendant.” 

Another took a much different route, saying, “I would have screamed and caused a scene…pushing the child off of me acting like it was a spider crawling on me. But, I’m extra like that.” 

Another suggestion just eliminates the whole situation: “Adult flights only please.” 

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