Female Uber Eats Driver Scared To Make Deliveries At Night Dresses Up Like A Man To Avoid Incidents

As women, we do what we have to do.

woman dresses as man to avoid problems at night @tiazakher / TikTok

Unfortunately, women know all too well how important to keep our safety in mind and create take precautions. Uber Eats driver Tia Zakher had a brilliant idea she shared on TikTok, but, of course, that came with some backlash.

A Female Uber Eats driver highlighted a problem many women face when making deliveries at night.

For Zakher, waiting until morning to do Uber Eats deliveries was not an option considering she “makes more money at night.” The TikToker claimed that because she feels scared making deliveries at night, she dresses like a man.


In the video, which she captions "male privilege," Zakher showed off her nightly outfit which consisted of a hoodie, a jacket, cargo pants, white sneakers, and a baseball cap to top it off. 



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Many people agreed that the outfit was believable and that she was smart for dressing more manly

Other users even gave her helpful suggestions on how to improve her disguise. One TikToker commented, “Try baggier pants.” Another advised, “Try pants that aren’t cuffed at the bottom.” Zakher, grateful for the help and support replied to numerous comments agreeing, "will do."

There were even a few jokes in the comment section, “Make sure to have some stains on the shirt to be extra safe.”

female uber eats driver dresses like a manPhoto: @tiazakher / TikTok


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There were some users who felt offended.

Unfortunately, Zakher's video wasn't for everyone. There were quite a few unpopular comments that criticized Zakher for dressing how she did and that she felt she needed to, “Sad that you think women are the only ones who have to worry about this. You aren't.”

Another stated she was privileged and didn't need to disguise herself for safety, “Women are much more privileged in general. You just haven't learned to make use of it.” There were even some who suggested that it was a pointless disguise, “only feminists convince themselves they need to leave like this. Nothing would happen if u left looking like a girl.”  

One person even went as far as to mention statistics in their comment, "You when you find out that men are statistically more likely to be attacked at night".


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According to statista.com, "In 2021, there were slightly more male victims of violent crime than female victims with about 1,456,310 male victims and 1,278,390 female victims." However, the U.S. Department of Justice has reported that this does not take into account the largely underreported crimes of rape and domestic assault in which women are more often the victims. So even though the commenter was accurate having over a million victims of either gender is unacceptable and warrants taking precautions.

A few male TikTok users did step in to defend Zakher and chimed in stating that women do in fact have to take great precautions just to get things done. But what is important is that people should feel safe when they leave their own homes and shouldn't feel like they need to put on a disguise.


In the end, Zakher made a choice that helped her feel safer in a dangerous world and we all should be okay with that.

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