UberEats Customer Doesn't Feel 'Safe' Walking Downstairs To Pick Up Food After Refusing To Give Driver A Tip In Advance For Gas

"Hello? Police? Some guy is trying to bring me the food I ordered."

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A man on Twitter shared the story of his encounter with an UberEats driver he claims was acting unprofessional and caused him to feel unsafe around the time he was supposed to pick up his order.

Exavier Pope made his post on May 31, 2023, and received millions of impressions and thousands of responses — many of which he claims were positive at first until he continued to post about the interaction he had and grew increasingly unhinged.


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The UberEats customer refused to give his driver gas money to deliver his food.

“This UberEats Driver just asked me to CashApp him gas money to bring my food to me,” he wrote in the tweet, tagging both the company UberEats as well as their support team on Twitter. Attached to the post, he posted two screenshots of the conversation he had with the driver on the app and over text.

“I’m gonna run outta gas can you cash app me a few bucks for gas please I had no idea [you] were that far,” the driver, Nicholas, said on the app, followed by texts that read “yo it’s your Uber driver. I can’t make it to you unless I can somehow get gas money.”


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Exavier decided not to post any of his responses until the driver just would not give up. In his first follow-up tweet, Exavier claims he “Has now called me 5 times. This is harassment,” before posting even more screenshots where viewers can see that he replied by saying “This is unprofessional.”

“I understand. I’m very sorry but let me know what you want me to do. I can’t be stuck on the highway,” the driver said in response. “It’s the same thing as leaving a tip.” Exavier said that once he received his food, then Nicholas would get his tip.


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The UberEats driver claimed he didn’t have enough gas to deliver his food.

Nicholas responded, saying “That’s the problem I don’t have the gas to get you your food or else I wouldn’t ask I just need enough gas to make it to you, sir.” It seems as though these are genuine, heartfelt pleas for help that, logically, is sound.

If he doesn’t have enough gas to reach the destination and complete the delivery, it makes sense to give money that would have been the tip in advance, but Exavier refuses to believe that the driver is being honest, saying “That’s not my problem. Bring my food man.”

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Somehow, miraculously, it seems as though the driver was able to collect enough money to fill his car with enough gas to reach Exavier because he eventually claimed he’d arrived, but by this point, Exavier didn’t feel comfortable going outside to get his food.

“I do not feel safe taking the order,” he wrote, before threatening to call the police if he didn’t leave. “What? Are you crazy?” Nicholas replied before leaving the man’s food on the ground and leaving.

Exavier claims he wasn’t going to risk being ‘robbed’ for the food he ordered.

“No way I’d risk being robbed just for a hot plate that wasn’t even going to be hot and possibly tampered with,” he wrote. Making the jump to believing that the food would be tampered with feels paranoid, but he continues to shame others who have responded negatively.

“This thread blew up, and I think it’s wild how gullible people are. You have zero idea what this dude was on, projecting yourself onto him,” he continued. But his vain insults didn’t stop anyone from ripping into him for just how paranoid he seemed to be acting.


“‘Hello police some guy is trying to bring me food I ordered,’” the top reply joked. “Bro you could have given him money for gas and yet you chose to be paranoid,” another wrote.

“Idk who’s right or wrong but demanding he bring the food and then refusing to go & retrieve said food for fear he tampered with it or might attack you is peak Karenism,” someone claimed, but there were many people convinced that he could have been scammed. After all, the driver did manage to make it to Exavier’s house in the end without receiving money, but there’s no way to know for sure.

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