'We Don't Feed Non-Tippers' — Delivery Driver Gives Away Customer's Food To Someone Else After They Didn't Tip

No tip, no meal!

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Tipping culture in the U.S. has recently become a heated debate among Internet users.

Some argue that those who don’t tip don’t deserve to be served, while others believe that no one should be required to tip. 

One DoorDash driver clearly demonstrated his stance on the issue on TikTok after he revealed what he did with a customer’s order after they did not tip him. 

The delivery driver gave away the non-tipping customer’s order to a customer that did tip him. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 50,000 times in just 24 hours, user @upchuck_kamalu shared exactly why you should always tip him should he deliver a DoorDash order to you. 


The man told viewers that he picked up a customer’s order, a Salisbury steak, from IHop but discovered soon after that he did not receive a tip from the customer. 

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“Turns out that this person is a non-tipper,” the driver says. He adds that he just dropped off another customer’s order before he intended on dropping the steak off to the non-tipper. 


That customer did tip him. So, the driver decided to surprise him by giving away the non-tipping customer’s order to him as well. 

“My man, what do you do for the delivery driver?” he asks as he exits his car and approaches the customer. 

When the customer replies that he tips them, the driver passes him the bonus order. 

“My man just got an order, now he got some more food,” he says. “We don’t feed non-tippers.” 

“No tip I just might give your s–t away,” he adds in the text overlay in the video. 

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Some TikTok users agreed with the driver when it comes to tipping. 

“This is why I don't even order if I can't tip,” one user commented. 


“So what I don’t understand is you use a delivery app but do not have enough to tip. So that’s same as going into a restaurant and tipping your waiter,” another user wrote. 

However, others pointed out that tipping was not a requirement and that having food delivered was already expensive enough. 

“Tips are not mandatory but instead an act of kindness, like are y’all ok?” one user pointed out. 

“A tip? When the delivery fee is about $5 please,” another user wrote. 

“I’m not tipping until my food gets there,” another user shared. “Do I get paid before I do my job? No, I don’t do I don’t tip until I get my food then?” 


“We shouldn't have to tip. You’re not doing a favor. Get mad at the companies not paying better. Some people need delivery but can't afford to tip,” another user added. 

The driver posted a follow-up video responding to the comment and thankfully shared with viewers that his previous video was a prank. 



But that doesn't mean you shouldn't take it as a warning to tip your delivery drivers — provided you can afford to.


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