Why Fans Think Kaley Cuoco And Pete Davidson’s ‘Close Friendship’ Played A Role In Her Divorce

Is Kaley Cuoco dating Pete Davidson?

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Kaley Cuoco has officially filed for divorce from her ex-husband Karl Cook amid rumors she's dating Pete Davidson.

Recently, Cuoco has been busy filming the upcoming romantic-comedy "Meet Cute" and spending a lot of time with Davidson, even spending time together outside of filming.

The news of the divorce happened on September 3rd and by the following day, Cuoco and Davidson were looking really close on the set of their new movie.


The timing of Cuoco's divorce has stirred up speculation about what exactly is going on between the two co-stars.  

Did Kaley Cuoco cheat on her husband with Pete Davidson?

Cuoco and Cook appeared to be happily married when filming with Davidson began. She even posted a "Happy Anniversary" message to her husband days before first being spotted with the SNL star.

However, as the pair have not yet confirmed they are dating we can't make any assumptions. But we can examine the evidence!


Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson both became single at the same time.

The co-stars both ended their relationships shortly after filming began on their newest movie. 

Cuoco and Cook, who married in 2018, reportedly "haven't spent that much time together recently," even before the divorce but the actress is said to be "doing fine." 

Seems like she didn't take the separation too hard. Wonder why?


Davidson also broke up with his girlfriend of four months, "Bridgerton" star Phoebe Dynevor while filming was going on.

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Their relationship was reportedly under strain because of long-distance issues as she was filming season 2 of "Bridgerton" in England and he was in Los Angeles and New York. 

Sources say Pete Davidson and Phoebe Dynevor split over his friendship with Cuoco.

Distance may not have been the only thing between Davidson and Dynevor, however. 

Sources claim Davidson and Cuoco's close friendship "played some part" in his split from Dynevor. However, Cuoco and her husband had not yet split publicly when Davidson ended his relationship. 


Many think Pete Davidson and Kaley Cuoco are dating. 

When the filming for "Meet Cute" started in early August, Davison and Cuoco sparked romance rumors after they were spotted together outside of filming the new movie at New Jersey's Six Flags amusement park.

Apparently, the chemistry between the two on set was undeniable!

Cuoco even used a nickname for him called Petey, posting on her story a video with the caption, "When Petey peer pressures me into the scariest ride of my  life..." 


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On August 27th, Cuoco posted on her Instagram, saying “That’s a wrap on ‘Meet Cute’!! What an experience! Loved every single human being involved with this special little gem of a film.” In the picture, she's seen hugging Davidson while he's resting his head on her shoulder. 

During filming, it also looked as if Cuoco was having fun posting date-like videos to her social media. The two also seemed to like annoying each other in playful and friendly ways. 


A source close to the 35-year-old said that she's very close friends with Davidson but it just might be more of a close friendship than a relationship, "She thinks he is hysterical and very sweet... they've gotten to know each other well. She has a lot of fun with him and they enjoy hanging out."

Workplace romance is more common than you think.

According to relationship and wellness coach Ann Papayoti, most affairs do happen between co-workers because of the amount of time spent together.

"The emotional bonds that can be created during that time, and the opportunities that potentially arise," she tells us. "Any one of us who has an unmet emotional need in our intimate relationship would be vulnerable to having an affair."


"We will find ourselves at a crossroad. Many will jump into the next relationship for the feeling that comes with it, and soon after, they may realize that the feeling was fleeting," says Papayoti. 

However, even platonic bonds between co-workers might not sit well with partners. 

According to Keya Murthy, a clinical hypnotherapist and spiritual life coach, what one spouse considers friendly, the spouse at home might feel insecure, and jealous which could mean the end of a marriage.

"Quick divorces can happen for a number of reasons, the biggest reason being it had already happened in the heart, and then the head followed, and very soon papers got signed," she says


"When you can’t trust the other, living together becomes a strain. And when you are not financially dependent on the other or feel you can earn through alimony and child support, and emotionally disconnected, a divorce is real easy," added Murthy.

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