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20 Kaley Cuoco Quotes About Being Truthful & Living An Honest Life

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Did you know that Kaley Cuoco and her husband Karl Cook, who married over a year ago, are still living in separate housing? They are not living together full-time, which they believe is working very well for their relationship. In a video interview with E! News, Kaley explained that "We're building our dream house and we're eventually going to be under the same roof forever."

This is not surprising since they live a very unconventional life and have an unconventional marriage to begin with — they travel to different locations all of the time and are apart more often than not. Kaley really does believe that the added space of not living together is important for their relationship. Everyone needs their space.

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But space could cause them problems in the near future. She told Entertainment Tonight that she wants to have children in the near future but "I'm not quite there yet, but I know that I will be 'cause I love kids." And because she is very focused on her career and her husband right now, she isn't ready to move on to the next stage of her life quite just yet, motherhood.

This all came after her previous divorce with Ryan Sweeting just about two years before her marriage to Karl Cook.

Recently, Kaley went out with her younger sister, Briana Cuoco, to the premiere of her newest Netflix movie Between Two Ferns: The Movie. At the premiere, people were shocked to see how similar the sisters looked. After the premiere, according to AOL Entertainment, the sisters were photographed leaving the show "arm-in-arm while sharing a laugh, with their identical mannerisms on full display."

Kaley Cuoco may not lead a totally normal life like most of us do, but over the years she's said some important things we can all learn from.

So, if you are not already in love with Kaley, here are some of the best Kaley Cuoco quotes that will show you how down to earth she is as a person, and how important it is to live honestly and humbly.

1. A lover of animals.

"I'm hoping one day to open my own shelter. I would be the person with the three-legged dog. I just love animals more than people; I really do." Kaley Cuoco

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2. You have to make yourself happy, not others.

"I've fallen victim to worrying about what everybody thinks. It's never going to be that everyone is happy. You just gotta know what you like and go with it." Kaley Cuoco

3. Be number one in your own life.

"Always make sure you have your life going, and that you're No. 1, so that anyone who comes into it-husband, or boyfriend or girlfriend, however you roll- that's just an added bonus to something you're already creating." Kaley Cuoco

4. On being happy with what you're given.

"I will always be the way I was a couple years ago before anything happened. And that's to my parents' credit, my amazing parents who have been around me my whole life and raised me right. I'm very happy with what has happened so far."Kaley Cuoco

5. Actresses are people too.

"People tend to think they know you when you come into their TV's every week. They think you are different then who you are. Don't believe everything you hear." Kaley Cuoco

6. Silly, goofy, and funny.

"I'm a 'Bridesmaids' type of girl. I love silliness. That's who I am at heart, and I know I can do it. If my career path takes me elsewhere, that's great. But comedy is my forte." Kaley Cuoco

7. Being an open book is a good thing.

"I really am an open book. I don't keep anything in at all, which is good and bad." Kaley Cuoco

8. Studio audiences are awesome.

"I love the studio audience. That's where I feel the most at home. You know right away if you're being funny or not." Kaley Cuoco

9. Everyone goes through the same feelings.

"Unless you're Gisele, you wake up some days and feel ugly. When that happens, accept that I'm not perfect and it's OK; I can start over again tomorrow." Kaley Cuoco

10. Love hard and fall even harder.

"You know what, I'm not ashamed of anything that happened. I fall in love really hard, I do. I go deep. That person is it for me. And I love hard, and when it's over, it's over, and some people make mistakes. I wouldn't call it a mistake. It just is what happened in my life, so I'm excited to see what the future holds. It happened, and now I have to say I'm happier than I've ever been."Kaley Cuoco

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11. Even stars come from down to earth families.

"My whole family actually, but my parents. I had such a normal and amazing childhood. I've been so lucky. My parents are cool and normal. They don't talk about the business and I still have stuff to do at their house." Kaley Cuoco

12. They would want you to move on and be happy.

"Finally, there was a moment when it just hit me. John wouldn't want me to sit on my butt for the rest of my life feeling sorry for myself or sorry for him. As cheesy as it sounds, he would have wanted us to go on."Kaley Cuoco

13. Nothing better than an old-fashioned romance.

"I like old-fashioned romance, when the two people sleep in separate beds but still hold hands all night. Their hands rest on a little table between the beds."Kaley Cuoco

14. Laughing at yourself puts others at ease.

"I want to be the first person to laugh at myself. It makes other people feel at ease - we're all on an even playing field."Kaley Cuoco

15. Cater to your own body's needs.

"It took years for me to figure out what my body needs and that what works for my friends doesn't necessarily work for me. Going yoga five times a week has transformed my body." Kaley Cuoco

16. Enjoy the physical side of life.

"Staying fit is all about trying to find enjoyment in something physical, because that's the only way you're gonna get results."Kaley Cuoco

17. Always and forever.

"I'm a country girl at heart."Kaley Cuoco

18. Wine yoga is redundant, but fun.

"I only go to yoga to drink wine, so I'm good. I just throw the calories right back in." Kaley Cuoco

19. Follow your dreams and have fun while you are doing it.

"It's a find line of doing what's good for your life and what your parents want you to do, but also following your dreams. With my parents, when I was younger, I always had to do two things. If I was acting, I always had to do a sport or something on the arts side of things along with that."Kaley Cuoco

20. Always be ahead of the competition.

"I'm the most competitive person you'll ever meet." Kaley Cuoco

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