11 Awkward Things About Kaley Cuoco And Ryan Sweeting's Divorce And Former Relationship, Including His Pain Pill Addiction

Cuoco says Sweeting 'ruined' marriage for her.

kaley ryan divorce

It's easy to get swept up in a fairytale, and what's what Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting's relationship looked like. Everything moved so fast and they were such big fans of PDA that it  seemed like they had the real thing. Cuoco even said as much in interviews, most recently admitting in Cosmopolitan that her ex 'ruined marriage for her.'

It turns out, though, that what you see on the red carpet is vastly different from what happens behind closed doors. Here's just a few of the red flag warnings that went up during their speedy and tumultuous relationship that led to Kaley Cuoco's and Ryan Sweeting's divorce.


1. He was addicted to pain pills.

Ryan suffered a back injury just a few months after he and Cuoco met and from there he grew dependent on painkillers. Despite knowing he had a problem he could never commit to getting sober which played a huge role in the downfall of their relationship. 


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2. They moved in together after one date.

Cuoco said on David Letterman the two "texted a little bit, dinner was great, and then he moved in the next day." They had been on one date. There's fast and then there's fast. They maintained their pace, though, because...

3. They got engaged super-fast, too.


Ryan and Kaley were only dating for three months before they got engaged. A source told US Weekly that she just knew Ryan was the one. Maybe they should have waited a little longer?

4. Kaley wasn't giving him the respect he felt he deserved at home.

Sources said Cuoco started bossing Ryan around at their home, treating him like a house boy, to which he responded she wasn't a star at home. That definitely doesn't sound like a loving marriage.

5. He wasn't the same after thy got married.


Cuoco says that after her and Ryan married, he became a completely different person. "The person I ended up with was not the person I originally met." Can't fault her for that, for sure. Goes to show that you never really know who someone is — or at least a year in.

6. They both got "romantic" tattoos for each other. 

Cuoco had their wedding date in roman numerals tattooed on her back while Sweeting got her name tattooed on his forearm, practically covering the whole thing. Cuoco told Ellen and her audience to never, ever get tattoos like this.  Hers she got altered into something else, but Sweeting may be screwed.

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7. The relationship wasn't healthy on a physical level. 


Shortly after getting married, Kaley began keeping up with his unhealthy snack regimen. Even their bedside tables were full of candy. Eventually Cuoco did an overhaul of their home, ridding it of all the unhealthy stuff because she realized it was just mindless eating and useless calories. 

8. They had a pre-nup agreement. 

We know that when you have millions of dollars at stake you need to be smart about your relationships, but are you really expecting the marriage to last forever if both parties have to sign a pre-nup? Sounds like a bad omen.

9. She forgot to thank him in an awards speech. 

After winning the People' Choice award for Favorite Comedic TV Actress, she forgot to thank her then husband in her speech. Sure, you can be emotional and overwhelmed when you win a huge award, but forgetting your husband seems like a huge faux pas.


10. They had very different personalities.

Kaley is high energy and likes to be doing stuff all the time. Even when she's not working she tends to keep super busy. Ryan, on the other hand, spent more time at home due to injuries and not practicing tennis much. 

11. Kaley worked with an ex. 


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She said that Sweeting and co-star, Johnny Galecki, got along just fine, but it had to be hard for Sweeting ot watch her work with and make out on-screen with an ex every week. 


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