Source Claims John Mulaney’s Ex Hooked Up With Timothée Chalamet After Split — And We Hope It's True

She deserves it!

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Anna Marie Tendler and Timothée Chalamet hook up rumors are not something many of us expected on our 2021 bingo card.

But then again, did we predict Tendler’s divorce from John Mulaney? Or Mulaney getting Olivia Munn pregnant

Nope, so let’s just put aside our doubts and explore the internet’s glorious theory that Tendler and Chalamet are dating — or at least slept together!

Did Anna Marie Tendler and Timothée Chalamet hook up?

Rumors that Mulaney’s ex-wife, Tendler, and the actor had a secret rendezvous all stem from a DeuxMoi blind submission.


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Hints on DeuxMoi suggest Tendler and Chalamet had a fling.

“An artist and comedian’s wife who just went through a very public separation and divorce recently hooked up with the man he ex made jokes about her being in love with,” the post reads.

DeuxMoi is a celebrity gossip account that takes anonymous submissions from the public that are not verified before their posted.


However, the site did predict Munn’s pregnancy before the news broke and has nailed several other celebrity relationships. 

So it’s not impossible that they have insider knowledge.  

John Mulaney has previously joked that his wife loves Timothée Chalamet.

Many were quick to assume the post was referring to Tendler due to some of Mulaney’s past comments. 

“My wife is in love with this Timothée Chalamet son of a b—tch,” Mulaney teased in Seth Rogen’s “Hilarity for Charity” Netflix special in 2018. 

“It’s a joke when she kids me about it, but it’s not a joke.”


This coupled with the fact that the comedian and his artist wife have had one of the most high-profile splits of the year makes it pretty convincing that the blind is about Tendler and Chalamet. 

Timothée Chalamet has poked fun at John Mulaney.

Chalamet and Mulaney have had back and forth in the past over Tendler’s love for the “Call Me By Your Name” star. 

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After Mulaney joked about the actor, Chalamet responded to someone asking if he had seen the clip.

“Yes I watched it from the gas station,” he wrote on Twitter. 

This was in reference to another swipe Mulaney had taken at Chalamet at the “Independent Spirit Awards” also in 2018.


While Mulaney was in the middle of another joke about Tendler’s love for Chalamet, his co-host Nick Kroll joked that the actor’s outfit looked like he had come to the award show from his job at a gas station. 

“You know who’s, like, in love with Timothée Chalamet? My wife,” Mulaney also teased in this opening monologue, “And it hurts my feelings.” 

Timothée Chalamet and Anna Marie Tendler both attended NYU.

So, we know that the blind was likely about Chalamet and Tendler but do we know anything that might link these two? Not really. 

But the two did attend the same college — New York University. 

Chalamet transferred to NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study from Columbia after his acting career took off and was still studying there by the end of 2017


Interestingly, Tendler began a graduate program in costume studies at NYU Steinhardt in 2018. 

Maybe the two were introduced by college friends? 

The internet is rooting for Chalamet and Tendler.

Now, listen, this isn’t the most likely celebrity pairing you’ve ever seen. And it may even be totally fabricated but we can still dream.


Let’s face it, after the year she’s had, Tendler deserves this! And who’s a more charming, successful rebound than Timothée Chalamet.

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