Is Rihanna Pregnant? The Businesswoman & Singer Responds To 'Baby Bump' Photos And Pregnancy Rumors

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Is Rihanna Pregnant? The Businesswoman & Singer Responds To 'Baby Bump' Photos And Pregnancy Rumors
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Is Rihanna pregnant? That's been the question on everyone's mind since the multi-talented entrepreneur showed up on a red carpet sporting what looked, suspiciously, like a "baby bump."

This isn't the first time that pregnancy rumors have dogged the "Rude Boy" singer — but is there something to the claim this time? 

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Back in October 2019, Rihanna was once again dogged by pregnancy rumors. Speculation arose about her bun-in-the-oven state when she said, "I’m a black woman. I come from a black woman who came from a black woman who came from a black woman and I’m going to give birth to a black woman" to Essence Magazine.

Apparently, that's all someone needs to say to make people think that they're pregnant because the word caught on like wildfire.

At the time, she shut down the rumors in an interview with Vogue, in which she joked that she "looked forward to all the pregnancy rumors" once the interview went live. 

Now, however, there's a chance that Rihanna might actually be pregnant. Let's look at what we know about these rumors, and what makes "this time" different than the last. 

1. She had a "suspicious belly bump" at the British Fashion Awards

The 31-year-old singer was spotted on the red carpet at the British Fashion Awards a few days ago. At that time, she sported a beautiful green dress with a sheer shirt over it. The "bump" in the skirt led people to speculate that Rihanna might be pregnant.

And it didn't help that she held her purse over her stomach (though, who knows, she may have just done it because she felt a type of way about not being super-skinny).

2. Rihanna's fans want her to get pregnant by A$AP Rocky

Well, this makes no sense. Even though Rihanna is otherwise spoken for, her "Rihanna Navy" would love nothing more than to see her have a baby with rapper A$AP Rocky.

The head of the A$AP Mob of rappers (that also includes A$AP Ferg) escorted Rihanna down the red carpet at the British Fashion Awards, and that led to the fandom going aflutter with the thought that there just might be a future with these two!

3. She does want kids...but her man wants to get married first

As has been reported, Rihanna has been seriously involved with Hassan Jameel for a while now, and she would like nothing more than to be a mother. However, Jameel — who is a bit more traditional in his ways — reportedly wants to be married first, and he's not reneging on that deal. 


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4. Rihanna said she doesn't get offended by pregnancy rumors

Many women, for a variety of reasons, get offended by the insinuation that they may be pregnant. Rihanna, however, isn't one of those women, because she "secretly wishes the rumors were true," according to Life & Style. 

She also said that while it's "not everybody's dream" to be a mother, it's definitely hers, so "it's fine." 

5. There were pregnancy rumors after the Diamond Ball, too

A few weeks ago, Rihanna held her annual Diamond Ball, then took a break from the spotlight a little. She subsequently came back and apologized to her fans for being "MIA," but insisted it was because she was trying to find balance in her life, and trying to strike up the balance between work life and personal life. That, too, led to speculation that she was, in fact, pregnant. 

6. Is Rihanna "taking a break" because she's pregnant? 

Earlier this year, Rihanna said that she was "taking a break" after 2019 — because she was "overwhelmed." (She made the comment in an Instagram post you can check out below.) That, too, led to speculation that she was pregnant.

And while Rihanna hasn't commented on the latest spate of pregnancy rumors, you can bet we'll keep you updated as developments happen! 


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