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John Mulaney Got Olivia Munn Pregnant With Their Baby Boy While Still Married & Sources Say He Cheated

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John Mulaney and Olivia Munn

John Mulaney and Olivia Munn have welcomed a baby boy, according to TMZ

The pair have been the subject of plenty of scrutiny this past year due to the timeline of their relationship and Mulaney's shocking split from ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler. 

The baby was reportedly born last month, on November 24, and fans will be scrambling to do some maths and answer one of the most talked about questions in pop culture this year. 

Did John Mulaney cheat on his wife Anna Marie Tendler with Olivia Munn? 

Mulaney has been coy about the timeline of his split from Tendler and the beginning of his relationship with Munn but the birth of their child may give some clues.

Assuming that the child was conceived 40 weeks before Munn gave birth, as would be typical with full-term pregnancies, Munn and Mulaney must have been together sometime in mid-February.

However, many will know that conception dates are tricky to guess since not all pregnancies are 40 weeks and this timeline may even include dates before someone actually became pregnant.

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Considering Mulaney told Seth Meyers he began dating Munn in the spring of 2021 but Tendler was reportedly "blindsided" by their breakup, according to sources who spoke to the media in May, it's possible there was some overlap. 

John Mulaney and Anna Marie Tendler seem to have separated in February. 

This is where it gets interesting as sources say that Mulaney asked for a divorce from Tendler three months before their official announcement in May.

This would mean he suggested divorce in February — around same time he got out of rehab.

Tendler had already deactivated her Instagram in December and when she returned in early 2021, she had removed the majority of the photos she had posted of her husband.

Since then completely scrubbed her account of all pictures of them together and has been very haunting, dark photos to her Instagram telling a heartbreaking story.

Anna Marie Tendler was reportedly not expecting Mulaney to file for divorce.  

While Tendler and Mulaney may have been separated or at least on the rocks since February, Tendler was reportedly not expecting her husband to call off their marriage.

In fact, she made it pretty clear in her statement on the divorce that it was not her decision to call it quits.  

“I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage... I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery,” she wrote.

Tendler was reportedly playing an active role in his addiction recovery as recently as December 2020 and may have been expecting to reconcile with Mulaney. 

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At the time, a source told Us Weekly, “It was a relief to his wife and family that he checked in... it was John’s decision. Plain and simple, John had too much downtime [in quarantine]. He had too much time in his own head.”

John Mulaney and Olivia Munn were linked shortly after his breakup.  

Mulaney and Munn definitely started dating quite soon after he ended things with Tendler. Some sources even claim he cheated on his wife with Munn. 

Therefore, fans predict Olivia and Mulaney started their official relationship sometime between December and February, hence the topic of divorce that Mulaney brought up with Tendler in February and the announcement only three days after his divorce in May that sources from Page Six confirmed Mulaney and Munn were dating. 

We first saw Olivias public support of John back in December when she tweeted her support before he went into the 60-day-rehab program. 

Munn was reportedly "obsessed" with Mulaney for years before they began dating. In an old interview, she dicussed meeting Mulaney and his then-fiancée, Tendler, "I was like, 'Oh my gosh, do you and your fiancèe want to go have dinner or something and go hang out?"

Munn also said she kept approaching him at the wedding, "I was just so obsessed with hanging out with and talking with him."

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Olivia Munn was visibly pregnant with John Mulaney's baby by May.

Celebrity Memoir Book Club hosts Claire Parker and Ashley Hamilton claimed in a viral TikTok on May 29 that they heard Munn was pregnant.

This was just weeks after Mulaney's divorce announcement so you can do the math.

Also, if Munn was showing this would likely have been several weeks — if not months — into her pregnancy. Though, every pregnancy is different.

In June, we saw photos of Munn leaving Mulaney's Los Angeles house in an oversized sweatshirt, leggings, and slides.

We then saw them in the photos of their lunch date at Rick’s Drive-In & Out, where Munn was once again wearing an oversized t-shirt. 

A month later in July 2021, Mulaney officially filed for divorce from Tendler in New York on July 23rd which was revealed in official court records.

Fans are speculating that John Mulaney had an affair with Olivia Munn.

All this new pregnancy information has fans upset and suspecting anger from Tendler over the alleged affair.

Some also pointed out that in Mulaney's previous standups, one of his main jokes was that both he and Tendler never wanted kids.

It's a lot to unpack, as Mulaney did suggest "I packed a lot into this year." 

And while we wish him the best with his new family, we're also hoping Anna Marie Tendler is healing from her heartbreak. 

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