Delivery Driver Gives Woman The 'Drama' About Her Ex's New Girlfriend After She Accidentally Ordered Pizza To His Address

He delivered the pizza and the drama!

Delivery driver telling woman the "drama" about her ex's new girlfriend TikTok

While most people usually spend hours on social media stalking their ex's new partner, one woman managed to get all of the gossip from an unexpected source.

In a TikTok video, Deanna Warren and her friends ordered a pizza from Guida's Pizzeria, and when the delivery driver showed up with their order, he revealed to them what had happened after the address provided was incorrect and he ended up delivering the pizza to her ex-boyfriend's house.


The delivery driver shared the 'drama' about her ex's new girlfriend after she accidentally ordered pizza to his house.

In Warren's video, which has boasted over 17 million views, the entire debacle was recorded on a Ring camera, showing the delivery man holding the pizza as he spoke to Warren, while all of her friends were listening inside the house.

The driver explained that when he showed up at her ex-boyfriend's house, he was confused, saying that he hadn't ordered a pizza.

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"He's like, 'You're at the wrong house. Dude, I didn't order a pizza,'" the delivery driver recalled, adding that he told the man he had delivered a pizza to the wrong house earlier that night. He tried asking if maybe someone had ordered it and left, and when Warren's ex-boyfriend denied it, his girlfriend appeared.

In the background, viewers can hear Warren and her friends' hilarious reactions to the retelling, with some of them groaning out an, "oh no," at the mention of her ex's new girlfriend.

"The girl comes and she’s like, ‘Well, is there a name with the order?’” the worker continued. When he said the pizza was for "Deanna," the girl gasped and replied, “That’s his ex-girlfriend. Oh, my God, is that because she saw you today?”


"At that piece of information, Warren and her friend all let out a collective, "What?!" The delivery driver promises them that that was her response, seemingly getting into all of the drama himself.

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"Yeah, that’s what she said,” the delivery worker replied with a laugh as Warren and her friends are talking and screaming over each other in the background. “The drama continues!”


The driver then revealed that he was working his last day, and his last shift had been very eventful, saying that in addition to delivering pizzas to the wrong address twice, including Warren's, he'd also fallen in the shop and cut his hand.

Warren expressed concern, taking the pizza from him to not strain his arm anymore, and even invited him inside to have a drink, which he politely declined.

"Oh, my God, that would be amazing, but thank you. I appreciate it,” he replied.

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In the comments section, viewers found the entire debacle hilarious. 

"He brought pizza with tea," one TikTok user joked, while another user added, "Pizza is cold now, but the tea is scalding."


"The delivery driver loves the drama," a third user chimed in.

Warren also clarified that she and her friends spoke to him some more, and wanted to invite him inside to watch the Super Bowl, which they had all been watching themselves, but he was already behind on orders and couldn't stay.

"I love his energy, not just delivering pizza, [but] delivering the tea," a fourth user remarked. "He deserves the biggest tip," another added.


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