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Older Man Has A Sweet Reaction To 'The Biggest Tip' He's Ever Gotten While Delivering Groceries

Photo: TikTok
An older man becomes emotional after receiving a $100 tip.

Food delivery drivers rely on customers’ tips to make a living. So, it’s always heartwarming to see a driver get a large tip for being kind and hardworking—it may change their day or even week. But for one man, a large tip is already changing his life.

A woman shared a heartwarming interaction she had with a man delivering her groceries and her kind gesture was enough to encourage other people to help the man out. 

In a TikTok video, a customer gave an older man 'the biggest tip' he’s ever gotten after a grocery delivery.

Ronald “Ron” Grim dropped off $500 worth of groceries for Sabrina Forbes. At first, she gave him a comparably small tip of only $3, which she shared he “was happy with.” She clarified in the comment section that she tips on the app in addition to a small cash tip. But as Ron left, she decided to go above and beyond to reward his kindness. 

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“I’m going to make your day even more better,” she said to him as she caught up with him outside her home where he was collecting the rest of her groceries to bring into her home.

To his surprise, she asked for the money back. Ron seemed hesitant at first but handed the cash back to her. Giving up a tip would make anyone uneasy and even angry but shockingly, Ron was the complete opposite. He imparted a courteous “thank you” as he calmly returned the money to her.

Then in a heartwarming moment, she handed him a $100 bill. “Are you serious?” Ron asked while taking the bill in his hands. After she affirmed it, he became emotional and said that this tip stood out from the rest that he’s ever received.

“That’s the biggest tip I’ve ever got in my life,” he said. “I’ll take a picture of this.”

Sabrina explained to him why she felt compelled to give a large tip. “It’s cold. You’re a little bit older, and you’re out here doing good things for people,” Sabrina said.

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The gesture made Ron choke up.

He walked back to his car, emotionally exclaiming, “oh my God.” Her kindness did not, however, stop him from finishing his job. Ron immediately started getting the rest of her groceries out of his trunk before she stopped him.

“I got the rest of the stuff,” she said. “You’re a good man, and good comes to good people.”

However, fitting with his character, Ron didn’t listen to her. He grabbed some of her groceries and slung them under his arms as he went to place them on her stoop. Many people in the comments applauded both Ron and Sabrina.

“His reaction absolutely melted my entire heart,” one person wrote. “This is so beautiful[.] Thank you for doing this for this incredible man.

“I used to do Instacart while pregnant and I always appreciated when people increased their tips, you’re so kind. He deserves that,” another added.

Some commented that it’s upsetting to see people of Ron’s age still having to work. Luckily, Ron’s grandson, Chad Hutzell, set up a GoFundMe for his retirement following the video going viral. In the description, Chad shared some details about Ron’s past.

“He work[ed] on the railroad his whole life until he had to retire due to health reasons,” he wrote. Ron required open-heart surgery that paved a long road to recovery, but he, fortunately, overcame it.

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Today, Ron still works because he loves people.

Chad shared Ron’s reasons for working in food delivery, which are more than needing money.

“My grandfather continues to work because he loves to meet people and stay active,” Chad wrote. “He feels that getting out and staying active keeps him young at heart.”

Chad said that Ron has been “overwhelmed” with people’s positive responses to his viral video. He shared a quote from Ron in a phone call he had with him just before uploading the fundraiser.

“‘Boy, you can wake up and never know what your day is going to bring you,’” Ron said. “‘I’m just so happy I keep walking up and down my house because I don’t know what to do with myself.’”

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