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Woman Hears Strange Noises In Her Basement After Ending A Tinder Date & Telling Him She Was Going Home Alone

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TikTok story of Tinder horror story, woman hiding in closet

Dating app horror stories are endless, but one that recently went viral told by a woman named Shay on TikTok might just have to take the cake.

Although she wasn’t the person who went on the date herself, she was able to retell her friend’s story with so much detail it was as if it had happened to her.

Her Tinder horror story started when she decided this would be her last time on the dating app.

Her coworker’s close friend, whom she has assigned the alias “Martha,” had been having really bad luck with dating recently. “One day, she decided to go on Tinder for the last time. She was like ‘I’m pretty much done with dating for now but I’m just going to get on this app and go on this one date with this one last guy.”

Martha goes to dinner with the man, but she isn’t feeling it. She claimed that he was very weird, but despite her own emotions, he was “definitely” feeling it.

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After dinner, he asked her if she wanted to go out to get some drinks with him, but she declined, not wanting to continue the date any further. “No, I’m just going to go back to my parent’s house tonight and just chill and hang inside, thank you for the invite though,” she said.

Thankfully, his response was relatively normal, but she had made one grave mistake — she told him that her parents were out of the house for the weekend.

“Now, mind you, her parent’s house is sort of in the middle of nowhere, and her parents are out of town,” Shay interjects. “Also, she tells this guy that her parents are out of town, for whatever f--king reason.

Continuing with the story as if nothing had happened, Shay goes on to explain the odd goings-on that began happening.



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Martha heard a weird noise in her home that night and calls the police the next day.

“She’s chilling, hanging out at the house, and then she hears a weird noise,” Shay explains. “But she doesn’t hear it again so she goes on about her night.”

“The next morning, she goes out to run some errands and she comes back and she starts hearing the noise again. This time, she’s completely freaked out so she calls the cops.”

Martha explains everything that’s happening to the phone operator who tries to calm her down and talk her through what’s going on.

“The operator tries to keep her calm, [and is] having a conversation with her, but the whole time, the operator knows that the phone lines are being tapped,” Shay explains. “Also, [an] important part, the operator doesn’t tell Martha that the cops are coming because again, she knows the phone lines are being tapped.”

Once the operator gets word that the police have arrived at her home, she directs Martha outside for a moment. “Martha, walk outside real quick, look to your left, and look to your right, and tell me what you see.”

“[Martha] said, ‘I don’t see anything,’ and [the operator] goes ‘run for the gate, now,’” Shay continues. “Martha runs for the gate and the cops are there.”

“The cops go inside, and you’ll never f--king believe what was in the basement. The man she went on a date with was building a cage in the basement.”

She finishes the story by telling people to stay safe on their dating apps, leaving most of her commenters bewildered by the tale.

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Commenters were shocked by the believable story, but others were skeptical.

“Was her name BECK?” one commenter joked, referencing a character from the hit TV show on Netflix, “You.” Another comment made a similar reference, asking “Was his name Joe?!? Is this the next season of You???”

Some commenters were skeptical of the story, claiming that it was a modern twist of an old urban legend meant to scare people, but others claimed that it wasn’t so farfetched.

According to Statista, the statistics surrounding the dangers of online dating support that it’s a relatively safe method of finding new partners. Women are far more likely than men to experience negative behaviors, but the risk of physical harm remains fairly low in comparison — albeit, any amount of risk is too high.

Approximately 11% of women ages 18-49 have been threatened with physical harm in the July 2022 survey, so while the risk still remains, your chances of having an experience like the one Martha had are considerably low.

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