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Full-Time Teacher Forced To Deliver Pizzas Because She 'Can't Survive' On Her Teaching Paycheck

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In America, working as a public school teacher is one of the most underpaid fields to enter.

Many teachers have to supplement their income by working one, sometimes two, extra jobs on the side just to be able to afford basic necessities, like rent, groceries, and in some cases, taking care of a family.

In a TikTok video, one woman revealed that she has to work as a food delivery driver after spending a full day teaching because her salary is incredibly low.

A full-time teacher says she's forced to deliver pizzas because she 'can't survive' on her teaching paycheck.

Alexis, a teacher who works full-time in the public school system, claimed that she has to work for Domino's as a pizza delivery driver to make ends meet.

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"I'm a full-time teacher and here it is, eight o'clock at night, and I'm delivering pizzas," she shared.

Alexis explained that she "can't survive" on the paycheck she receives for her teaching job, so she was forced to seek out another form of employment on top of being a teacher.

"Everyone's talking about all the reasons teachers want to leave, but what about all the teachers that want to stay but literally can't afford to."

In a follow-up video, after receiving questions and comments about exactly how much she makes, Alexis decided to reveal just how much she brings in on a month-to-month basis from simply teaching.



"Since so many people are asking and I feel like I am speaking up for teachers, this is my take home for an entire month," she said, showing a screenshot of her bank account with $2,563.60 as the amount she is paid for teaching.

She explained that in the district she works in, and in others, teachers are only paid once a month.

"I have to manage this money for the whole month," she continued. "Keep in mind, I also have three dependents. [I] have to pay my mortgage, utilities, gas."

Alexis' most recent paycheck was even after she had picked up "extra duties," meaning that she will usually make less than that.

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Public school teachers are severely underpaid in America, which has led to a shortage.

According to a School Pulse Panel survey from October 2022, nearly half (45%) of public schools have at least one vacant teaching position.

The average number of vacancies per school, however, dropped from slightly more than three in June to two in October. 

For special-education classrooms, the numbers are even worse, with 7% of positions unfulfilled.

Despite teachers being among the most educated in this country, public school educators in the United States are earning approximately 19.2% less than other college-educated workers.

Not only are teachers being severely underpaid, but as a result, are seen as undervalued. This causes many teachers, including people like Alexis, to seek out other areas of employment.

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In the comments section, other teachers shared their other means of income to get by.

"I'm a teacher with a master's and I sell my plasma," one user wrote.

Another teacher with a master's degree wrote, "I have a [second] job to pay my bills ... it shouldn't have to be this hard."

"I used to want to be a teacher until I found out how much they get paid. I wouldn’t be able to survive & pay student loans with that amount," a third user pointed out.

A fourth user revealed, "Teacher here, I also work customer support for a travel company."

"As someone with a teaching degree I never plan on using, I’m so sorry. You deserve better," a fifth user sympathized.

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