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Woman Claims DoorDash Only Offered Her $10 Credit & A Refund After She Was Sexually Assaulted By Delivery Driver

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Shantanese filed a police report against the driver

In a now-viral tweet, a woman called out food delivery service DoorDash for their response to her alleged sexual assault after she was targeted by one of the company's drivers.

Shantanese, who goes by SnoFall on Twitter, initially tweeted, “I was sexually assaulted by a @DoorDash driver today and DoorDash is saying they can’t do anything besides give me a $10 credit to my account, a $20 refund and contact me in 48 hours.” 

The tweet has now been shared over 12,800 times with many sharing their support — along with some cruel comments from critics.

The woman claimed her DoorDash driver was caught masturbating over her food.

The beauty and lifestyle creator says the ordeal was witnessed by three people at the restaurant who appear to have warned her about the delivery.

 Despite this, when Shantanese contacted customer support she says was simply told by DoorDash “we’ll investigate.”

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"I was initially hung up on when I brought this to DoorDash’s attention," she further explained. "I spoke with the restaurant and there are witnesses to all of this. I am disgusted and will be suing as well as going public."

DoorDash allegedly did not cooperate with the police after the assault was reported.

A representative from the DoorDash Help account, named Travis, responded to Shantanese’s tweet and said, “I cannot express how sincerely sorry I am that we let you down with this abhorrent experience. That is absolutely terrible and should not have happened. Please DM us your email and phone number so I can get this corrected and properly escalated ASAP.” 

But unfortunately, it seems as though Shantanese’s claim was not taken seriously. 

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In a direct response to Travis she Tweeted, “Travis, it has been hours and all I was told is someone from the escalation team would reach out to me within 48 hours. DoorDash wouldn’t even give THE POLICE anything except his last name, so how could you possibly help me?” 

In a follow up, she said, “If Doordash (@DoorDash) actually cared & wasn’t protecting predators, they would’ve cooperated with me AND the cops. Instead they doubled down on not providing any info to me & ONLY his last name to the cops…no license plate number, no address, no phone number…” 

She says she is physically safe, but the investigation is still ongoing. 

Thankfully, she was finally contacted by DoorDash eventually and hopes to get this all resolved. 

In a recent Tweet she said, “I hate that it even took the internet having to bully them (which is just holding them accountable) into taking this serious for them to respond to me on here. This whole situation is just so overwhelming & it’s not over yet” 

At the moment she wants to be given time to heal from the emotional and mental trauma.

She has been called a liar by men in her comments. 

Unfortunately, several people — mostly men — don’t believe her story. 

Shantanese posted several screenshots which showed comments across her Twitter and Instagram accounts that invalidate her experience. 

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In the Tweet she said, “I have so much to say, but it’s not a coincidence that the ones calling me a liar & trying to find nonexistent holes in my story are mainly men. It’s funny because I even said THERE ARE WITNESSES in the original post” 

One of the screenshots shows a comment from an account who happens to have the phrase “This is a safe space.” in his Twitter bio. 

His comment read, “What is DoorDash supposed to do if you didn’t provide any proof? They’re not going to legally compromise themselves because of your word. Respectfully. If this is true, I hope you get justice. But, honestly DoorDash can’t do anything without proof.” 

Another comment asked, “Who caught him doing it?” to which another user replied “fax need more context.” 

However, it is not her responsibility to share every detail in order for strangers to believe her. 

Thankfully, Shantanese has received an outpouring of support from followers and hopefully she will get justice. 

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