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DoorDash Driver Records Himself Eating Customer's Order After Only Getting A $1 Tip

Photo: @doordashtips2 / TikTok 
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Tipping for delivery service workers is viewed as a kind gesture and something many delivery drivers appreciate. 

So what happens when you don’t tip your delivery driver? Well, they might just help themselves to your food order! 

One DoorDash delivery driver ate a customer’s order after they only tipped him $1. 

The DoorDash driver documents his experiences as a delivery driver on his TikTok account (@doordashtips2). 

He is known for criticizing customers who do not tip and encourages people that if they want their order delivered, they should consider tipping the person who is bringing it to them. 

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Still, when some people tip it is not the amount the driver is hoping for. 

This is exactly what happened to this DoorDash driver when he was picking up an order for a customer at Arby’s. 

Upon realizing that the customer had only tipped him $1, the driver decided to get the ultimate revenge. 



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In a video that has been viewed over 400,000 times, the driver opens the bag containing the customer’s order. 

“This customer only tipped $1, let’s see what he got at Arby’s,” the driver says as he begins to sift through the bag. 

He lists the items, which include a beef and cheddar sandwich, french dip, and crinkle-cut fries, which the driver appears to be the most enthusiastic about. 

“Oh man, that’s my favorite,” he says, before happily helping himself to the food. 

He closes his video with a message for the customer. “Thank you $1 tipper! Peace!” he says to the camera as he laughs. 

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Commenters had differing opinions about the DoorDashers actions.

Some TikTok users agreed with the driver’s actions in the comments and believed that he should have received a larger tip. 

 “Tip your delivery drivers if you can't afford a tip don't eat out,” one user commented. 

“I always tip. I know the DoorDash drivers are more likely to accept my order and get it to me faster. I tip for convenience,” another user shared. 

However, other users were horrified that the driver helped himself to a customer’s order and noted that they were not obligated to tip at all. 

“A tip is a tip be thankful that money in your pocket might not be much but it's the thought that counts. There are people who don't tip,” one user pointed out. 

“Y’all want tips but tax and delivery are like 15 bucks alone,” another user shared. 

Others mentioned that DoorDash drivers are able to see how much a customer tipped before accepting an order and were confused as to why the driver picked up the order when he could have chosen not to. 

Some people declared that they would never place orders through DoorDash, especially after seeing the driver’s video. 

“This is why I don’t have my food delivered way before DoorDash came about. There are some freaks out there,” one user wrote. 

Hopefully next time the customer will get his order through Uber Eats! 

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