A Couple's Wedding Cake Topper Depicts Groom Playing Video Games While Bride Glares At Him

Til death (or video games) do us part...

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A bride and groom’s controversial wedding cake topper has some people speculating that it is foreshadowing what their life together will look like, and it’s not exactly a happily ever after. 

Now, the new wife is defending their choice and is shutting down those who believe that their marriage is in trouble. 

The wedding cake topper depicts the groom playing video games with his back to the bride as she glares at him. 

Perla Blanco and Gerardo Martinez tied the knot in July 2021 after four years of dating. However, it was their unique wedding cake topper that was the star of the Monterrey, Mexico reception. 


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One of their guests, Leonardo Aceves, posted a video of the wedding cake to TikTok, which quickly went viral, garnering over 8 million views. The topper displays the groom in his suit, sitting in a chair hooked up to a headset while playing the video game, “Call of Duty: Warzone,” while the bride in her gown stands behind the chair, crossed-armed and glaring at him. 


"HAHAHAHA love this cake," Aceves captioned the video while extending his well-wishes to the newlyweds. 

The custom wedding cake topper received mixed reviews. Some people thought the idea was cute and light-hearted. “Omg, I love this!!!! Mine would be both of us playing back-to-back,” one user shared. “This is the truest symbolism of relationships that I've ever seen! It's wonderful, to be honest! These two will have a happy marriage!!!” another user wrote. 

However, others believed that it foreshadowed the troubles that lay ahead in the couple’s marriage and that their relationship would suffer if the husband was seemingly more interested in playing video games than his new bride. 

“It's funny until it's not,” one user commented. “Believe it or not that is enough to break a marriage. Sad but true. I’m living proof,” another user revealed. 


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Although, the bride is content in her marriage, and does not believe that her husband playing video games will have a negative impact on their marriage. 

Speaking to FOX News, Blanco assured her concerned viewers that she and Martinez have a healthy and loving relationship, even if it means he has to play the occasional video game. 

"We know that this may not look as good as it is for some people, especially [to girls who] think our marriage might not last because of it, but Gerardo runs his own business and this is a way for him to free himself from work sometimes,” she explains. 

The wedding cake topper was not even her idea. It was suggested by her friends. "Gerardo really likes to play video games as a hobby and as the COVID cases started raising, we decided to stay home,” she continued. "He really likes a video game called, ‘Call of Duty.’" 


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Blanco grew up with three brothers, is familiar with the world of online gaming, and happily supports her husband’s hobby.

I enjoy when he wins and we celebrate those victories together as well as our victories in real life,” she says. She even admits to playing the game herself on her smartphone. 

Blanco and Martinez met at a party in 2016 and began dating in 2017. "The chemistry we had was really magical," she shared. "I was completely amused by him and after four years he asked me to be his wife in a very romantic way with family and friends [present], and of course I accepted." 

The couple certainly did not expect the media attention they received over their wedding cake topper and gave a shoutout to those who made it all happen.  "We thank our friend Leo who uploaded the video and of course greetings to Raquel Soto, who is the big artist behind this cake topper.” 


Aceves told FOX that he thought the wedding cake topper was “very fun and creative” and something that he wanted everyone to see. "I think it is something that all video game lovers would love,” he added. 

"Regardless of everything, I think the thing about marriage is [that it’s important] to find things and hobbies that both parties enjoy, so you can share it together for a very long-lasting relationship,” Blanco says. 

We wish her and Martinez a lifetime of happiness and Call of Duty! 


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