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Innapropriate Wedding Cake Topper Sparks Debate Among TikTok Users

Photo: bearmoney / Shutterstock / lifeofscottyv / TikTok
Wedding couple, wedding cake topper

Soon-to-be wedded couples use their wedding planning as a way to express their creative sides and show off their personalities — at least, that's what this couple did.

A man on TikTok shared an interesting cake topper he saw while he was at someone's wedding. 

The wedding cake topper showed the fireman behaving inappropriately with his bride.

The bride is dressed up in her wedding gown, holding her bouquet in front of her and wearing her nurse’s hat while her soon-to-be husband has donned his firefighter gear.

From the front, it seems normal enough and rather cute, but when you turn the cake topper to the back, things are… different.



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The figurine of the husband has his hand up the wife’s dress.

One of the guests at the wedding, under the username "lifeofscottyv," took to TikTok to share the interesting cake topper the couple picked out.

“I have never ever seen a cake topper like this, check this out,” Scotty said.

People in the TikTok's comments are divided.

Scotty himself seemed to find the cake topper funny and others in the comments also found the topper amusing.

A lot of people in the comments section were saying they loved it, and that it was cute and funny.

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One of the top comments made a joke about the topper.

“There’s the something blue,” the comment read, referencing the old rhyme that goes "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, a sixpence in your shoe."

Scotty said he didn’t even think about that.

Others joked about where the couple possibly could have met to come up with this.

“They met in the ER,” one user joked, pointing out the fact that the toppers allude to the fact that the cake toppers were wearing a nurse’s hat and firefighter outfit.

Another user made more scandalous comments.

“She's the doctor, but he's the one taking her temperature,” the comment said.

However, not everybody found the topper to be so amusing.

People called out the couple for having such a lewd topper in front of their family and friends.

“I like it, but I'd have to have it at a second wedding with just friends no family lol,” one of the users said.

“Not in front of both entire families lmaoo,” another user said.

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Others called out the couple, saying they were “so classy” and feeling grossed out that this was what they chose.

Despite people voicing their opinions, others in the comments said ultimately it was up to the couple and nobody else how the wedding should be planned.

“Love it. Their wedding so they can have what they want really. They only have to please themselves and not others,” a commenter said.

When asked how the guests reacted, however, Scotty simply said, “Everyone at the wedding had a laugh it was fun.”

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