Groom Praised For His Reaction To Wedding Guest Destroying Cake & Smashing It On Bride

The other guests are going home hungry now.

Wedding cake TikTok TikTok

A video of a man ruining an important wedding moment is making rounds across the internet as people react to the mess that occurred as a result.

The (supposedly) drunk guest attempted to execute a popular prank that consisted of getting cake on the face of whoever’s being celebrated but got a reaction he wasn’t expecting.

When the wedding guest destroyed the cake, the groom punched him in the face.

In a now-deleted TikTok that was posted by @petrovichpetrovich, you can see the bride and groom working on cutting the cake and handing it out to people.


The bride is distracted in conversation with someone else while the groom stands there holding the knife before promptly being pushed by the drunken weddinggoer.

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The knife dangerously moves toward the wife before the husband can take it out of the way and switch the utensil to his other hand, preparing for what came next.

In his drunken stupor, the wedding guest fails to get any large amount of cake on the bride and groom, so he continues to break pieces off and throw them at them, hoping to dirty them.

Now, the groom is furious and stands there looking at his mate in disbelief before the drunken man finally takes a second to consider his feelings.

Immediately, the groom launches a punch at his face that knocks him to the ground — sliding on the ground a little ways away.

The video’s audio doesn’t appear to match the setting, but there are screams and yelps that match the shock everyone feels.


Others got involved the moment the drunken man got up and, with outstretched arms, walked toward the groom, eventually being wrestled away by another friend.

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People online reacted to the shocking video with criticisms of their own.

The video was posted to both Reddit and Twitter, where people shared similar sentiments.

Users justified the action taken by the groom and discussed how they would've felt in the same situation.

“Given the cost of those cakes I'd be SO f--king pissed,” wrote one user on Reddit.


Other users commented on the prices of their cakes, ranging from $600 to $800.

Many of the jokes that came as a result of the incident had to do with the other weddinggoers and how they would either be waiting for their cake or wouldn’t get any at all now, but for many others, this wasn’t a laughing matter.


“The bride did not look surprised she did look irritated though but she walked away,” another user on Reddit wrote. “The groom however just seemed to have had enough. That was a d--k move to do all of that.”

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Some even assumed that they had fought about inviting him before the wedding, or wondered if he had been a problem earlier in the ceremony, but there’s no evidence to support that theory.

One user on Twitter actually defended the man, claiming that the groom hit him with a “cheap shot.”

“Guy was most likely drunk cheap shot by the groom punching a guy who probably never expected to get hit,” they wrote.


Almost immediately, others rushed to reply and defend the groom, claiming that he had every right to react in that way.

“Getting drunk isn’t an excuse for anything,” replied one user. “You don’t gain immunity from consequences cause you decided to get drunk.”

There’s absolutely no acceptable excuse for the wedding guest to have behaved the way he did.

He ruined a special moment between a bride and her groom.

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