Couple Who Filled Truck Bed With Ramen & Fed It To A 'Homeless' Man Get Called Out For Staging 'Gross' Video

There's no way they thought this looked real.

Woman mixing ramen in her pickup truck Facebook

These days, all you see on the internet are videos of people doing hilariously stupid things or heartwarmingly kind things for those around them — one woman on Facebook decided that she wanted a little bit of both.

Although she was trying to go for the latter by filming a heartwarmingly kind video, she ended up with the latter — a very clearly staged video that did nothing but raise ire in the millions of people that watched along.


She staged a video pretending to feed homeless people with ramen noodles cooked in her pickup truck.

Originally uploaded on the “Fast, Funny & Funfas” page on Facebook, the caption of the video reads “kindhearted woman feeds hundreds out of her truck bed!”

Despite there being enough food in the cargo bed for hundreds, she definitely isn’t feeding that many people — in fact, she’s only feeding one person who is very clearly her friend.

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The video starts with the woman preparing “Top Ramen” in the back of her Ford F150 pickup truck — filling the entire bed nearly halfway to the top.


There, she starts loading up the food with spices and extra additions like green beans and minced onions. 

It seems like the water they used to pour into the truck was already boiling because the noodles go soft quite nicely, all that’s left is a little bit of mixing.

The woman attaches scented trash bags to her legs while standing on the pavement to step into the bed.

Hoping to protect her outfit from all of the ingredients currently swathing around in the cargo bed, she attaches chemically-produced trash bags to her legs, getting germs from the pavement and the ledge of the pickup all over them, and proceeds to step in.

She mixes the food around before getting out and telling the man who’s recording that it’s time to go and feed the homeless.


“So this park tends to have a lot of homeless people,” she says, driving through the parking lot of what appears to be a public park.

As they’re driving, they spot a man sitting among some rocks with a sign that says “Need $” wearing normal clothes (a hoodie and chino jogger pants) and ask him “hey man, you hungry?”

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The man is obviously not homeless and his poor acting skills show it.

“You got 20 bucks?” the fake peddler asks, before being told that they have ramen noodles in the back of the truck that they’d be happy to give him.


The two inside the car give him a paper bowl so he can “scoop” the ramen and supply him with a small spoon in order to eat it.

After filling the first bowl until it’s overflowing, he comes back and asks for a second bowl, laughing and smiling the whole time as he pretends to be through the roof with joy.

While filling the second bowl, the man recording asks the woman for the 20 dollars the “homeless” man had originally asked for and hands it to him as he faked his happiness at the gift.

“Thank you so much,” he says, walking back to his rock and eating the ramen inside of his two bowls.

They admit that the video is scripted, but that doesn’t stop people on the internet from slamming them.

“Please be advised this page includes scripted videos for your entertainment,” the description adds, but that didn’t stop everyone from posting it on different social media platforms and slamming them for scripting something like this.


“What an extremely lame thing to stage,” one user on Twitter wrote, posting it to the platform.

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One of the top replies read “the worst part is her pretending that those trash bags are food safe, plus she puts them on and stands on the road with them on, instantly making them the dirtiest thing to put into food.”


Someone else made note of the medium they were using to supply the food, to begin with — cooking it in the cargo bed of a pickup truck.

“If you wouldn’t eat noodles out the back of a truck, why do you think someone experiencing homelessness would?” they wrote. “Even our unhoused deserve dignity & respect. Playing with lives for likes.”

Others called out just how much food was being wasted to stage this fake video.


“Calling yourself kindhearted while wasting a bunch of food and staging an interaction with a fake homeless person is NASTY work,” one wrote.

Another wrote, “there’s not enough people mad about how much food she just wasted.”

The creators of the video have not responded to the backlash of yet another example that people will do anything for clicks.

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