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Man Uses Fake Influencer App To Document How He Gets Treated When People Think He's Famous

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Ethan Keiser Parallel Live stream app TikTok

As the popularity of social media continues to grow and with the rise of the “influencer era,” everyone either is a famous and successful influencer or wants to be one.

One man on TikTok named Ethan Keiser decided to set out and develop an app that allowed everyone to get what they wanted — tens of thousands of people watching them.

Ethan Keiser developed a fake ‘live stream’ app that made it look like he was famous.

Keiser, a social media influencer who claims to be exploring “psychology and technology,” has programmed an app called “Parallel Live” that will make it appear as if you’re famous.

The way it works is that it will place a fake overlay that duplicates the Instagram Live setup over your selfie camera to make it seem like tens of thousands of people are tuning into your live stream and engaging in the comment section.

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“Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be super famous? Where everyone wants to be around you and you’re the life of the party?” Keiser asks in a TikTok uploaded on December 21, 2022, showing off the app and then exploring how people react towards it in public.

“I made an app so anyone can experience fame!” Keiser wrote in the caption of the video, which received over 250,000 views.

Despite the app being released in 2020, wind only recently picked up after Keiser’s viral videos about the experience on TikTok.

Ethan Keiser shows how differently people treat you when they think you’re famous.

In the original video, Keiser took the app to a Miami beach club to “see what would happen.”

The people around him saw him streaming, and when he mentioned how many (fake) viewers he had, they instantly turned much more friendly and started partying alongside him — always trying to get into the frame of his “stream.”

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Next, he took it to a nightclub that was at “max capacity” and tried to see if his fake influence could get him in.

After the hostess tells him the bad news, he simply says “so, I have 45,000 people watching me on Instagram Live,” prompting her to say “We would love your shout out, I’ll let you in the back, okay?”

If that wasn’t enough to show you how people around you will act when they think you’re famous, Keiser made another video to prove how he received differential treatment.

In this one, it appears that Keiser is at another, sort of, pool party and claims that once word got out that he was famous, “everyone wanted to be my friend.”

“I then went to a club where the manager saw how many viewers I had on my live stream and invited me to the VIP section.”

It’s very obvious to see that people will treat you differently depending on which rung on the social ladder you’re on, but Keiser cut through the middle man of actually becoming famous to give everyone else a taste of what it’s like to lead a privileged life.

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