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Man Uses Translator App To Listen In To His Vietnamese Wife Gossiping About Him On The Phone

Photo: Tik Tok
Two screenshots of the wife from the Tik Tok. She is facing away from the camera in the first one as a phone is lifted up to her by her husband. In the second one, she turns around with a shocked expression.

At one point or another, all of us have probably gossipped about our significant others. Even when we love them, sometimes our partners will make a poor choice, or do something annoying. It’s only human! 

For most of us, we have to take these conversations to another room, but for some couples, a different language can make it perfectly easy to gossip right in front of your S.O.

At least… until they figure it out.

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One TikTok user found a way to uncover his wife’s gossip by downloading a translator app, and putting it to the test on camera.

The TikTok user walks into their kitchen to see his wife on the phone as she cooks, telling a story in Vietnamese. After stepping out of her line of sight, the husband holds out his phone to listen and translate the story she is sharing.



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The translator picks it up quickly, and repeats back in English a story about him leaving the toilet seat up!

"My husband had gone to the bathroom in the morning and he wouldn't wake up the toilet," the translator app reads, misinterpreting a word here and there.

The man's wife appears to be saying that, when she went to the bathroom, she ended up slipping into the toilet because of the raise toilet seat.

"This little thing makes it frustrating," the app concludes.

His wife hears the translation and turns around to see what’s going on, her expression turning shocked as she realizes what’s happening. 

The husband laughs behind the camera and asks if she’s embarrassed as she quickly denies telling the story that way. 

“I [didn’t] say it like that,” she protests. “The toilet [said] that, not me.”

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Most of the commenters agree: it’s a funny video about a harmless complaint.

The husband is laughing, not upset about his discovery, and other Tik Tok users in the comments are in agreement; he’s the one that left the seat up!

One user even comments: “He’s the one that should be embarrassed”

Although it’s definitely awkward to get caught in the act of venting about your partner, I think most of us can relate in one way or another.

Even in healthy, happy, awesome relationships, people still aren’t perfect! We get frustrated with each other just like we do with other people in our lives, and that isn’t always a bad thing.

In fact, it can actually be good for you! Psychotherapist Tina B. Tessina told YourTango in June of 2018 that “sharing with a supportive and discreet friend means we can 'normalize' the things that happen that we may be blowing out of proportion in our own minds.”

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A good friend can help us realize we’re overreacting to something normal, and remind us how to work it all out.

Sometimes we are wrong, and we need a friend to tell us to chill out about it!

Of course, this trick only works as long as you work things out with your partner as well. It’s no good to just complain to a friend, and then pretend nothing happened in the first place. Your partner won’t get the chance to change their behavior if they never know what the issue was to begin with.

It is polite to have these conversations somewhere we won’t be overheard, that way we can process our feelings freely without hurting feelings, and for many of us, that means taking the conversation to another room. When there’s a language barrier in play, however, you can get away with having a private conversation right in front of each other.

It is still a kind of privacy, at least, most of the time. Clearly that doesn’t always work out as planned!

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