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Mom Places Her Children In A Cardboard Box When She Needs To Get Work Done

Photo: @abbyfranco6 / @mrs.gabbidunn / TikTok 
Children in a cardboard box TikTok

As children, we all had our designated play areas whenever our parents wanted to catch up on household chores uninterrupted.

Many of us were probably never placed inside a cardboard box to play quietly for an hour.

However, this is exactly what one mother does with her children whenever she has work to catch up on and needs them to entertain themselves.

Supplying the kids with four cardboard walls, crayons, and their imagination, people are praising the mother as a genius and believe that she may be on to something.

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The mother claims that placing her children in a cardboard box buys her ‘30 minutes of unbothered cleaning.’

TikTok mom Abby Franco may have unlocked the inexpensive secret to keeping your children quiet and entertained when household chores need to be tended to.

In a video that has been viewed over 3 million times, the mother filmed her two young children inside cardboard boxes, happily drawing on the sides of the box with crayons — they did not even appear to notice Franco filming them.



“This buys me 30 minutes of unbothered cleaning,” the mom admitted in the text overlay of the video.

“Work smart, not hard,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

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Other parents on TikTok praised Franco’s hack.

“That’s the smartest thing ever,” one TikTok user wrote.

“As a mom of six, I approve this message,” another user commented.

“Genius! I need one for my own creative time/timeout!” a third added.

Other users pointed out that Franco could earn herself even more uninterrupted cleaning time by adding snacks to the box!

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Other busy parents decided to test out Franco’s hack for themselves, which yielded successful results.

Gabrielle Lynn Dunn, a mother of two toddler daughters, recorded herself rummaging through her trash to collect a cardboard box that she had initially tossed out.

She brings it back inside, placing her children in it and providing them with crayons to occupy themselves by drawing.



As her children quietly play and draw in the box amongst themselves, Gabrielle vacuums around her living room.

“PURE GENIUS,” she says of Franco’s hack in the caption of her video. “Glad we haven’t broken the box down yet!”

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Other users shared how their own parents would use similar methods to keep them busy as children.

“My mother used to just get us giant boxes as kids. I lived in a fridge box for weeks,” one user commented.

“When my parents bought a patio set, I made a spaceship with the box and it is THE prime core memory for me,” another user revealed.

“Thinking INSIDE the box,” another user hilariously pointed out.

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Other parents admitted that they would most likely end up joining their children in the box.

If there is one thing that we can learn from children, it is to take an interest in the most seemingly mundane things in life.

To them, a cardboard box can be a spaceship, a boat, a time machine, and anything they imagine it to be.

There is no need for fancy and expensive toys when you can just have the package they come in!

Additionally, your household duties will be completed much faster as long as the kids are happy in their own little boxes!

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