A College Student's Boyfriend Bought Her Roommate Flowers So She Ripped Them Up—Her Roommate Says She's 'Jealous'

The flowers were likely a gift after the roommate's recent hospitalization but did he still cross a line?

TikToker Soraia says roommate ripped her flowers TikTok

Getting flowers for someone is a sweet gesture. People tend to associate the act with something romantic. But it doesn’t have to be! 

However, one woman’s college roommate felt very differently. And how she responded to the gift-giving left their room a mess. The roommate in question, Soraia, is a college student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She posted the aftermath of the flower ripping to the video-sharing app TikTok. 


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A girlfriend ripped up the flowers that her boyfriend gave to her roommate. 

She wrote in text on top of the video, “Just came back to my dorm to find out my jealous [a--] room[m]ate ripped the flowers her boyfriend bought me [cause] she thinks we have something going on.”



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She showed a vase on her desk with the stems of flowers. Below it, yellow petals splayed all over her chair and the floor. She further elaborated in the caption that her roommate is moving out, despite the school semester ending in a month. Destroying someone’s belongings is rarely the appropriate way to act! However, many people took to the comments to defend her.

People labeled the flower-destroying roommate “reasonable” and “valid.”

“Why would you accept the flowers in the first place if the gf is not comfortable with that?” one person questioned Soraia. Other people claimed that she should have taken her retaliation further. One person said they would have also put the dirt in the vase on the floor. “The roommate was modest just ripping up the flowers,” another commented.

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Some people called others in the comments 'insecure' for defending the roommate’s actions. 

People pointed out that her getting flowers was nothing to get upset about since it was likely for her recent hospital visit. “He gave her flowers because she was in the hospital,” one person explained.

In April 2023, Soraia posted about being in the hospital, claiming she had suffered an injury after a fake car accident went wrong.



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“Today was my exam day so my friends and I made a plan to not take it. The plan was [to] cover the license plate on my car and do a hit [and] run while I pretend to walk to class innocently,” she wrote.

She went on to claim that she might be permanently paralyzed. However, people questioned the video’s veracity based on her explanation, with many purporting that it’s just a “joke.” But people found the hospital visit genuine, just her reasoning for it to be far-fetched. Thus, this calls into question whether the roommate destroying her flowers was also a joke. 

One person in the comments offered a more reasonable explanation. “I think the flowers just died, and the petals fell off,” they wrote.


Someone replied that the flowers looked “parched,” suggesting that a lack of watering was what really happened to them. There isn’t enough information to make an assertion one way or the other. Regardless, her video demonstrates a toxic trend: hating the “other woman” more than the cheating partner. 

YourTango’s very own Emily Blackwell commented on this occurrence, saying, “Somehow through all the insanity and heartbreak that happens with infidelity, we shift the entirety of the blame onto the other woman… She’s not the one that’s married to you and broke your wedding vows, that was him. He just used her to do it.”

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