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Husband Gifts Wife A New Ferrari After She Steps Off Of A Private Jet To Bring Their Baby Home— 'Never Settle For Less'

Photo: TikTok & Instagram
Camila Guiribitey with baby on private jet

Influencer Camila Guiribitey has been busily documenting the arrival of her baby girl into the world and the many gifts she and her newborn have been showered with.

Guiribitey got a grand-scale welcome from her husband after arriving home from the hospital in a private jet, showing just how well the rich and influential really live.

The concept of “push gifts” has gained popularity in recent years, as many new moms are given gifts from their partners after having a baby, yet these new parents took the idea of a push gift to a whole other level.

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Camila Guiribitey’s husband gave her a brand-new Ferrari after bringing their daughter home on a private jet.

Guiribitey and her husband welcomed their daughter, Aurora, via surrogate in mid-April. The self-described Dentist, YouTuber, and Influencer announced the impending birth of her baby on Instagram, noting, “after many tears, many losses and healing our hearts, we can now say we are going to be parents.”

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“Our baby is not coming in a traditional way, and we are so thankful to God and science that now women like me can make their motherhood dreams come true through surrogacy.”

Guiribitey thanked the doctors and nurses “who never lost faith in us when we were ready to give up,” along with “our wonderful selfless surrogate that from day one told me, ‘I’m going to make this happen for y’all.’ We can happily announce our Baby P is coming!”

The proud parents announced their daughter’s homecoming with a professionally-filmed video posted to TikTok. 



Guiribitey is filmed stepping off a private jet with her daughter, nicknamed Pippa, in her arms, beaming. The video alternates between shots of Guiribitey’s husband driving them home from the tarmac and shots of their home itself, decorated with pink balloons, butterfly statues, and a lit-up sign of the baby’s name, Pippa.

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The video also captured the gift Guiribitey received from her husband to celebrate their daughter’s birth— a Ferrari with a pink bow adorning the hood.

Guiribitey looks both overjoyed and surprised by the scene before her, bursting into tears when pink smoke and streamers are released into the air. 

“My darling daughter, look at the welcoming your dad has organized for you and your mom,” she captioned the post. “I hope you know if you ask for the moon your dad will bring it down.”

She addressed her husband in the caption, as well, stating, “I love you Puchi, we are both so blessed to have you.”

Most of the 5,432 comments were positive, congratulating the new family alongside heart emojis. “Lucky girl,” said one commenter. “Wish I could have a man like this.” “This is so sweet and your smile is so beautiful,” someone else commented.

Yet some comments highlighted the fact that most people don’t live such lavish lives. “Can’t relate,” said one person. “Are we on the same planet?” someone else asked. “Money is so sweet,” said another commenter.

Flying Magazine reports that the costs of chartering a private jet start anywhere between $1 million and $90 million for the initial price of the aircraft. That price doesn’t include the costs of hiring a crew to staff the plane, let alone the actual cost of flying, which includes paying for jet fuel and operating costs.

Forbes Magazine states that the average cost of giving birth in a hospital is $18,865 on average, which includes pregnancy, delivery and postpartum care. While the cost of giving birth varies depending on where a person lives and what kind of healthcare coverage someone has, parents can still expect to pay an average of over $2,000 out of pocket. Some hospitals even charge for basic services, like a parent giving their newborn skin-to-skin time.

While money isn't everything, it certainly provides a level of comfort and luxury that not everyone is able to access.

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