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College Student Comes Home For Christmas To See Her Ex-Boyfriend Living With Her Parents

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Ex-boyfriend and TikToker

Running into an ex at the grocery store or gas station is embarrassing enough — imagine seeing them hanging out with your parents.

In a TikTok from late December, this college girl describes the shock she was faced with when she returned home for the holidays and found out her ex-boyfriend was living in her house.

From exes to... roommates? This story of overlapping family trees and a shared house is far from simple — but incredibly awkward.

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Coming home for the holidays, this college student found out her parents had moved her ex-boyfriend into their house.

After being surprised with much more than just gifts for the holidays, this Tiktoker posted a video with her ex-boyfriend to share her story with viewers.

After the video of her and her ex-boyfriend, titled, “POV you go home from Christmas and your ex-boyfriend still lives at your house with your parents,” blew up on TikTok, comments urged her to provide explanations.

“I have so many questions,” one commenter posted, to which she responded with, “I have some weird answers.”

"Read a book with this plot last week…I need to know more, sequel please?” another comment jokingly posts.

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In an overlapping family tree, the TikToker attempts to explain why her ex-boyfriend moved into her house.

The explanation everyone was waiting for was far from the worst scenario possible.

Using a poster board and her ex-boyfriend as props, she goes through her family tree in a response video.



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She starts the video by explaining that her mom’s husband used to date her ex-boyfriend’s mother — a very long time ago.

He was not the father of her ex-boyfriend or her, both of their moms already had children.

After her ex-boyfriend’s mom and he broke up, the ‘stepdad’ met the college girl’s mother — and they’ve been together since.

Because of bad circumstances with his mother, the ‘stepdad’ figure has always included her ex-boyfriend and his sister in their family events.

Their close relationship means that she and her ex-boyfriend were childhood friends — they grew up together and were close before they ever rekindled things as adults.

So, despite jokes about being step-siblings, the ex-couple are amicably friends and it’s really not all that strange that he’s living in her house.

At least, that's what they're trying to prove to viewers.

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Although the two are exes, it seems they are amicably sharing a home — and parents.

“As we were getter closer and he was coming over to my house all the time,” she says in her response video, “my mom and stepdad realized he was ‘basically their kid at that point’...so why don’t we just move him in?”

So for the seven months that they were together after that conversation, the couple stayed together — of course having "separate rooms."

Although the two are obviously very close, they decided to split to "focus" on their futures and careers.

Despite the split, the ex-boyfriend still lives in her house with her parents while she’s away at school. 

Comments immediately take to joking about their intimate and strange circumstances.

“So…you’re step siblings?” one comment immediately questions after watching the video. 

Quick to respond, the TikToker says, “Far from that — but, we still joke about it.”

Joking all throughout the video and comment section, she constantly acknowledges the humor in their situation — that it’s truly a strange and "crazy" story to tell.

Hugging at the end of their video, the ex-couple laughs as they turn off the camera and leave viewers to cringe at their awkward living situation. 

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