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Woman Catches Boyfriend Cheating While Watching Video Of A Girl Getting Ready For A Date At His House

Photo: TikTok
Liesel Julsrud

While social media can definitely have its cons, one woman was able to use it to her advantage in helping her figure out that her boyfriend had been cheating on her.

In a TikTok video, Liesel was flabbergasted after discovering the guy she'd been seeing for the past five months had also been seeing another woman behind her back.

She caught her boyfriend cheating after watching a video of another girl getting ready for a date at his house.

In a quick five-second clip, Liesel filmed herself with written text overlayed that said, "When you were on your [for you page] & came across a TikTok of a girl getting ready for dinner at a guy’s house..."

"And it was the guy you had been seeing for five months."

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The video immediately garnered questions from commenters, who urged Liesel to give a full storytime of the incident, which she spoke about in a follow-up TikTok.

In the second part, Liesel pointed out that the entire debacle happened almost two years ago, and that she didn't know the girl her boyfriend had been seeing personally.

She explained that she and the guy had been 'seeing each other' for a few months.

"I am fully aware that we had zero commitment to each other, we could both see other people, and we talked about that," Liesel recalled.

However, at the five-month mark of her relationship with him, Liesel assumed it would soon "become official" based on how he had been acting, which she later attributed to the "guilt" of him seeing someone else.

Liesel said that she had seen the name of the girl her boyfriend had been seeing pop up on his phone, and when she asked him about it, he lied and told her that she was only his "best friend's friend from the gym."



"I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt," Liesel continued, adding that they were having routine sleepovers together and didn't think he'd have the time to cheat or see anyone else besides her.

"About a month goes by and I'm on [TikTok], and this video pops up, and she's in his kitchen," Liesel said. "And I was like, 'wow, that's familiar.'"

After doing some digging, Liesel found "multiple videos" of her boyfriend and the other girl hanging out for quite some time.

"He was essentially just hopping in between our apartments," she concluded.

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Liesel's video attracted the attention of the woman her boyfriend had been seeing, who made a video explaining the situation.

Following Liesel's video, the other woman who had been seeing her boyfriend, Sophia, made her own video detailing her unknowing place in the entire debacle.

"I was the other girl,” Sophia admitted in her video. “It was like January 2021, I matched with this guy on Hinge … and then he asked me out.”



She explained that she knew of him through "mutual friends," and things between them started off smoothly.

Sophia recalled that in mid-March, he told her that he had to relocate to Tulum, Mexico to work remotely and that he would be moving in May 2021.

“We were never official, at all,” Sophia said, adding that they’d met each other’s friends and were having weekly “sleepovers” at each other’s apartments, despite not being in an official relationship.

Sophia continued, saying that right before he left for Mexico, he came over to her apartment to say goodbye.

"I was crying, it was a mess," she said. "He left my apartment to go to his dad's, to where [Liesel] literally had him sleepover at her apartment and she took him to the airport the next day, and I had zero idea."

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Liesel and Sophia connected over their mutual ex-boyfriend.

Since Liesel and Sophia's videos have come out, the two women have connected and exchanged messages, where they discovered just how much they were being played by the same man.

“Sophia and I did get in contact, and we have been able to talk for the first time about all of this, and I know we both learned a lot of stuff we didn’t know,” Liesel revealed in a follow-up video to her initial story.

The two women discovered that the man they'd been seeing had similarly ghosted them after they each offered to come and visit him in Mexico.

Sophia even found out that, after weeks of not speaking with him, he had begun seeing another woman while in Mexico, despite dating the two of them at the same time.

“I give props if you have that much time and energy to completely lie to people, every single day, for months.” Sophia ranted in another video.

"You’d think that in this day and age, we’d be a lot smarter and better [at] communicating,” she concluded.

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