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Woman Explains Why She And Her Boyfriend Have Never Kissed Despite Dating For Two Years

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23-year-old Kyndel Grove and her boyfriend appear to be just like any other couple. They go on dates, spend a significant time together and buy each other gifts. 

However, there is one key difference in their relationship when compared to most other couples.

“So I’m almost 24, and my boyfriend and I — he’s my first boyfriend — we’ve been dating for almost two years and we’ve never kissed,” Grove says in a video that has garnered over 6 million views.

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She hasn't kissed her boyfriend because they are saving physical contact for marriage. 

“Before y’all call me weird and all that nonsense I get all the time, we’re Christian, so we are saving ourselves for marriage.” 

For Grove, a first kiss holds a lot of meaning to her and it is something that she wants to exclusively share with her husband. 



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She also believes that it is beneficial for her relationship to refrain from any physical activity with one another so that they can connect on a deeper level without relying on intimacy. 

“I just think that it’s really cool that we don’t rely on anything physical to like keep our relationship going,” Grove says. “I think that’s neat.” 

As for what other people may think about her relationship rules, Grove is not too concerned. 

“I don’t give a freak what any of you guys say because I get hate all the time about it,” she reports, adding that the only person she wants to please is “God.” 

“Our marriage will be blessed, let me just say that.” 

Most TikTok users praised Grove for her decision and her confidence in it. 

“I love it! You and your boyfriend will be blessed abundantly after marriage,” one user commented.

“Kissing is so intimate and I wish more Christians realized that. Good on you for saving ALL of you for marriage,” another user wrote. 

Others who applied the same rules as Grove to their own relationships shared their success stories. 

“My husband and I didn’t kiss while we were dating. Our first kiss was at the alter! Dated for two years, engaged for eight months and two years in marriage!” one user revealed.

“We didn't kiss until we were engaged because I had the same boundary. We’ve been married 10 years with four kids,” another user shared. 

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Even those who did not share the same beliefs as Grove commended her.  

“I do not hold the same values but I am glad you recognize your boundaries and act on what you think you deserve instead of being pressured. Queen,” one user commented. 

For those being snarky about Grove’s decision, the TikToker had a witty response. 

“We usually do a cartwheel,” she replied to a comment asking her if she and her boyfriend shook hands when they see each other. 



Not all physical contact is limited though, as Grove shared that she and her boyfriend do steal a hug from each other here and there! 

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