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Childless Woman Asks If She’s Wrong For Not Changing Vacation So Co-Worker Could Take Her Kids To Disney World

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Typically, receiving time off work entails requesting vacation time weeks and advance and must gain the boss’ approval before. 

One woman did exactly that and was still asked if she could swap her vacation time with another employee so that she could take her children to Disney World. 

The woman says that she took off the week of Christmas so that she could see her family. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed nearly 10 million times, Evie Marie explains how a mother that she worked with gave her a difficult time after she refused to swap vacation weeks with her so that she could take her children to Disney World over Christmas break. 

Marie stitched her video with another TikTok user’s (_cal_cifer) where she argues that those who choose to have children should not be given priority when it comes to vacation time at work. 

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Marie hopped on to share her own experience regarding this situation. She explains that she used to work for a company and had to move states in order to work there. 

“I worked with this woman, let’s call her Karen, who had two kids,” she explains. “I also just want to mention that until this incident me and her had gotten along perfectly fine.” 

Marie says that she knew she wanted to take off work that year during the week of Christmas. 

“I wanted to see my family, I was homesick and I put in to leave for that week like months in advance,” she says. 

Additionally, she had sent her boss multiple emails throughout the months to remind him of her vacation. 

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The week before Marie’s vacation, her boss asked her if she could change her vacation time.

“So it was the week before the break, and I am so excited,” Marie says. “I already packed, my family is expecting me, I have friends who are expecting me, I’m expecting me!” 

However, Marie’s boss, whom she refers to as “Bob,” called her into his office. 

“He was like, ‘hey Evie listen, I know that you were planning to take off for vacation, but I talked to Karen and she decided that she really wants to take her kids to Disney World over the break,” Marie shares. 

Bob asked Marie if she could “find it in her heart” to let Karen take her time off to spend with her children. 

Marie explained that Bob also had children and that he was leaning more toward Karen’s favor. 

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Still, Marie stood her ground and told her boss she would not be giving her vacation time to Karen. 

“I was like, ‘you know what Bob, I did what you said, I searched my heart, and it turns out that there is nothing in my heart to make me willing to give her my week,” she says. 

She also reminded her boss that she put in notice for her vacation time months in advance, and she was told that her co-worker had only discussed her plans to go to Disney World wither her children that morning. 

“I was like, ‘listen, I’m sorry, that sucks that she’s not gonna be able to take her kids to Disney World, but I’m not giving her my week,” Marie says. 

Marie’s boss informed her that she was going to have to tell Karen herself that she would not be giving her her vacation time. 

“I walked right out of his office, walked right up to her desk, and I was like, ‘listen, Karen, I just talked to Bob and I know that he said that you wanted to take your kids and for me to give you my week, but I’m sorry I’m not gonna do that,” Marie says. 

“I’m sure you could take your kids to Disney World at another time that’s scheduled.” 

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Marie claims that Karen was furious with her. 

“She got so mad, the entitlement was unreal,” Marie says. Karen argued with Marie that she “didn’t understand” and that her children “needed to spend time with their mother.” 

“I was like, ‘Karen, I hear you, but I haven’t seen my family in a year, you live with your kids you see them every day,” Marie says. 

Still, Karen continued to fire back at her, crying at one point, arguing that Marie had “no idea what it’s like to love like this” since she hadn’t experienced motherhood. 

“I was like, ‘you know what Karen, that’s probably true but I am about to experience this vacation, see you in a week,” Marie says. 

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TikTok users appeared to agree with Marie in the comments. 

“Karen” is overreacting. Disney will be there next year. Hope you had a great trip with your family!” one user wrote. 

“I’m a mom and bro how do you not book Disney MONTHS in advance,” another user pointed out. 

“Family does NOT equal children. It can mean parents, brothers, aunts, uncles, or significant others. We want to spend time with OUR families even if we don’t have kids,” another user commented. 

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