Woman Refusing To Take Boyfriend’s Daughter On Trip To Disney World Is Slammed By Boyfriend's Ex

Does she not like her?

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A woman is receieving backlash for refusing to take her boyfriend’s daughter on a trip to Disney World, even though she is bringing her own little girl. 

She went to Reddit's “r/AmItheA--hole” thread to ask people on the internet if she was wrong.

The woman refused to take her boyfriend’s daughter to Disney World because it wasn’t a family trip.

She explained that she has been dating her boyfriend for three years and they have been living together for a year now.


Both of them have kids from their previous relationships — her daughter is 5, and her boyfriend's daughter is 9.

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When her boyfriend went away for business, she thought it would be a good time to visit some family — specifically, her brother who lived in Florida.

Since she would be in Florida with her daughter, her brother suggested that they go to Disney World with his children, too.

The woman posted about the trip on social media and her boyfriend’s ex saw it and was upset.


Her boyfriend's ex asked why her daughter wasn't invited on the trip.

“I told her this wasn't a family trip with my boyfriend, if it was we'd, of course, have taken his daughter too but this was me just visiting my own family,” the woman added.

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However, her explanation wasn’t enough to satisfy the boyfriend’s ex as she felt that her daughter should still be included as they were going to Disney World. The girl's mother felt the 9-year-old would feel hurt if she was excluded from this trip.

“She even implied her older daughter would get more enjoyment out of the trip than my daughter,” the woman explained.


The woman stated that she wouldn’t feel comfortable taking her boyfriend’s daughter on a trip without him as they would be traveling internationally.

However, her boyfriend’s ex didn’t take this well and was offended.

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“She told me I was horrible and that I was going to make things tough between the girls in the long term and make her daughter feel unloved.”

She doesn’t have anything against her boyfriend’s daughter and finds her quite sweet, but she's only dating her boyfriend and isn’t the girl’s stepmother yet so she felt a bit uncomfortable taking her on an international trip.


Redditors let the woman know that she wasn’t wrong to exclude her boyfriend’s daughter.

One user wrote, “She is asking you to spend thousands to take her kid to Disney, the kids aren't even the same age so can't go on the same rides. That would be so much extra work and stress to take her.”

Another commenter said, “That’s so rude to try to guilt you into taking her. And even if you wanted to take her, it would be likely very complicated without your BF there. You’d likely need some sort of permission letter to travel together since she’s not legally your child.”

“Taking a child that is NOT yours abroad is a nightmare even if you are a blood relative, her mother has lost her entitled mind,” said a third.


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