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Woman Refuses To Get On Plane After Finding Out Her Fiancé Put Her Kids In Economy

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Couple on plane.

A woman was left angered after her fiancé refused to splurge on her children when it came to plane seats.

She posted the debacle to the subreddit "r/AmItheA--hole" (AITA), a forum where users try to figure out if they were wrong or not in an argument that has been bothering them.

In her Reddit post, the woman explained that her fiancé has three children from a previous marriage, while she was two children, 10 and 14, from a past relationship.

She went on, adding that she'd recently quit her job to focus on finishing college and getting a degree.

Since leaving her place of employment, her fiancé has "become the breadwinner," though she still contributes to some expenses using the money in her savings account.

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She also spends the majority of her time with both of their children and picks up all of the chores in their home.

Recently, her fiancé invited her and her children to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family, who are "located on the other side of the country."

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The woman found out that he'd put her children in economy while they were all sitting in first class.

"He [booked] our tickets and everything but later, before the flight, I found out that he, his kids, and myself were put in [first] class whilst my 2 kids were put in economy," she wrote.

The woman was left speechless at her fiancé's decision, while he found no fault in what he'd done.

He argued that it was "no big deal" and that the flight was only "for a few hours and the kids could just hang in there for a little while."

When the woman didn't agree with his rebuttal, and instead asked why he thought it was "acceptable," he immediately became angered.

"[He] said he's the one paying for tickets then we go by his rules," she revealed.

After hearing that, the woman immediately turned around and exited the plane with her two children, refusing to go on the trip, especially since her youngest child doesn't feel comfortable flying without sitting next to her.

"He started following us screaming at me to go back but I refused and told him that I no longer felt like spending Thanksgiving with his folks after this."

Since the incident, her fiancé flew to see his family with his children and has been calling her nonstop "trying to berate" her.

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He even had his mother text her, where she told the woman that she "needs to get over" herself and stop teaching her children "to be spoiled and entitled."

"She said that the fact that I was 'willing' to miss Thanksgiving with the family over something so trivial shows my real character, personality, and mindset or 'lack thereof,'" she added.

She concluded her post by admitting that she chose to end the relationship with him, and moved out of the house with her children.

Most people who commented on the woman's Reddit post agreed that she was NTA (Not The A--hole).

"His kids in first class, your kids in economy? That's a bad sign for the future," one user wrote.

"Then his response is to berate you and future MIL calling your kids spoiled and entitled? Even worse."

Another user added, "Your fiancé seems to [be] missing the point: it's not that you expected your kids to be in 1st class, but that once everyone else was in 1st class, it was not okay to put them in economy."

"It sounds like your kids were either an afterthought or an inconvenience to him," a third user chimed in.

"If he wants to include your family in his then he needs to act like it instead of shoving your kids aside while his family and you get to enjoy the luxuries."

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