Bride Slammed For Sending Guests ‘Ridiculous’ Dress Code For Bachelorette Weekend & Insisting On Designer Clothing

Was she asking too much of her guests?

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Bachelorette parties are supposed to be a fun time for the bride-to-be to unwind and spend time with her girlfriends before the big day.

However, one bride’s bachelorette party proved to be more of a stressful chore for her guests than a joyous celebration.

The bride-to-be sent out a lengthy dress code for each day of her bachelorette weekend.

A Reddit user shared several photos of invitations she received from her friend inviting her to her bachelorette party back in July to the subreddit, r/FundieFashion.


“This is for a three-day bachelorette party. My highly sensitive brain is in overdrive,” the woman wrote.

“A mood board, dress code, AND cost for each activity? Her wedding was gorgeous, but this is so beyond extra I CANNOT.”

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Source: Reddit


The three-day event consisted of several activities, including sailing, horseback riding, and a picnic. 

The invitations detailed the itinerary and included a mood board, and a visual presentation of the overall theme of each day and event.

“Per request: suggested outfit inspo [inspiration] not mandatory. Hopefully, you can pull it from your closet,” the invitation reads. 

The first day of the bachelorette weekend consisted of sailing, with guests being encouraged to wear red, white, and blue color combinations — the vibe is described as “Ralph Lauren Nautical.” 

Later that night, neon color combinations were encouraged for dinner with the vibe being “semi-formal.” 


The second day included horseback riding, a picnic, and a night out.

For horseback riding, guests were suggested to bring hats since the theme was “equestrian/western.”

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Source: Reddit

For the picnic, guests were told to wear florals or summer prints.


For the night out, they were encouraged to wear black/denim combinations, and the theme would be “bachelorette comfy casual.”

For the last day, guests would be going to brunch which was followed by the bridal shower.

It was recommended that they wear blue to brunch and a pink/salmon color combination for the shower.

Source: Reddit


The invitations included photos of celebrities wearing the desired colors of the day to give guests an idea of what exactly they should wear.

The bride’s dress code was slammed as “ridiculous” by other Redditors.

“She cares more about the pictures and Instagram than actually spending time with friends & family. She’s doing it all for status,” one user wrote.

“I don't care how gorgeous her wedding was, this is gross self-indulgence on a vulgar scale,” another user commented.


“The idea of demanding people 'honor' someone just for choosing to make a week-long event out of signing a piece of paper, by making them pay for a whole weekend of overpriced activities while having the absolute f–king cheek to then dictate to them how they must dress for each and every moment, is just ridiculous.”

“I am a former wedding planner that worked with an average $100k budget and literally none of my wedding weekends even came close to this, let alone a bachelorette weekend,” another user pointed out.

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