20 Best Bachelorette Party Shirts — For Every Type Of Bride

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The 10 Best Bachelorette Party Shirts You Can Buy

She’s your best friend, your sister, your cousin, or your college buddy. She’s been there through the ups and downs. She’s the bride, and you are her bridal party friends getting ready for her bachelorette party. 

Her life is about to change and her days of partying with the girls are going to be fewer. Don’t you think it’s time to send her off to married life in style?

Sure, you have the party planned out. You might even have a special cocktail you created for the occasion. But what about clothes? What about making things work in a fashionable way?

These bachelorette party shirts will make sure your #bridetribe is the best dressed out there. 

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1. “Drunk on Love”

We all know that bachelorette parties involve a lot of drinking and a lot of celebrating. This cute, summery beach tee is a perfect way to flaunt what you and your friends are up to. Its cheeky message of being “drunk on love (and vodka)” is relatable and adorable. 

A perfect option for a bachelorette party that’s taking place at the beach or a destination venue, this Instagram-worthy find will definitely make you smile. Better still, it works for other situations outside of the bachelorette fling.

(Bridal Party Tees$28.97)

2. “Bride Tribe”

With a tagline like “Bride Tribe,” this shirt leaves no questions about what’s going on. It’s the new trendy term for the bridal party, and let’s be honest: your bridal party really is more than just a party. Those girls are the bride’s tribe. 

These cute tanks (and tees, if you need some sleeves) come with a cute font and a lot of memories that are just ready to be made. What’s not to love?

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

3. “Brides Have More Fun” Shirt Set

Brunette? Blonde? Neither have more fun than a bride who’s about to walk down the aisle! This set of shirts can be customized to fit the hair colors of your bridal party, with one super special shirt for the bride-to-be. 

These shirts are epic party favors for bridal party goers who want to roll in style, especially when it comes to groups that really take pride in their hair. It’s a great and unique way to show your love to the special lady. 

(Stag and Hen, $25)

4. Old Town Road Bridal Set

You know that hot song about taking a horse to the old town road? The one that everyone has been singing? You better believe that companies jumped on it, and created a really cool musically-inclined shirt set that is too adorable not to want. 

Country fans and music fans alike will love this shirt set. How can you not love that cute horse shoe?

(Stag and Hen, $24)

5. “Witches Invoking The Spirits”

Wiccan weddings are a thing, people! I ought to know — I’m from a pagan family. Finding witchy gear that celebrates weddings can be real hard, but this tee absolutely fits the bill. Of course, “invoking the spirits” in this case probably involves more merlot than meditation. 

This customizable shirt will flaunt the bachelorette party without going for the typical mainstream look. Oh my goth, it’s just too cute!

(Bridal Party Tees$19.97)

6. “Future Wifey”

Sometimes, the best approach to a bachelorette party outfit for the bride is the short, sweet, and simple one. This tank nails that perfectly, all while keeping things super classy and cute. The fiancee will love it. 

Party groups that just want a nice, all-occasion shirt for the bride-to-be might want to check this out. She’ll love the gift and wear it proudly while she parties it up.

(Bridal Party Tees$24.97)

7. "Bride’s Babes" Set

Weddings are tough. They are stressful to put together, involve tons of family drama, and almost always come with cases of cold feet. Your bride needs you to be there for her while she walks down the aisle. 

This shirt set drives home the reason for this wedding season, and that reason is moral support. Getting these epic bridesmaids shirts will give you a memento reminding you of the power that friendship and sisterhood can offer. 

(Stag and Hen$25)

8. Bride Heart Shirt

Simplicity is a wonderful thing, and so is having a little artwork on your bachelorette shirt. While your bride-to-be is prepping herself and chilling out, you can bet that she’ll appreciate having a shirt that lends a little celebration for the occasion. 

This shirt is an ideal choice for meetups where you’re planning your bachelorette party, or for the actual party itself. She’ll definitely love having the spotlight while she wears this snuggly soft shirt. 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

9. “I Do Crew”

Bridal parties aren’t always just a girls’ thing. Once in a while, you might have guyfriends or non-binary buds who join in the bachelorette party fun too. If you want to get a little more inclusive with your bachelorette shirt game, you should check out this cute number. 

Yes, you’re a crew. Yes, it’s about the lady saying “I do.” Yes, it looks fabulous and is totally destination-appropriate. It doesn’t get any better than this. 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

10. “Bride or Die”

She’s your bestie, your right-hand lady, and your ride or die. Doesn’t it make sense to celebrate your favorite friend’s loyalty during the bachelorette party? This tee fits the bill very well, in a totally cheeky way. 

The bachelorette queen will love stealing the spotlight with this epic “Bride or Die” shirt. 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

11. Gay Pride Shirt

You know, not all weddings that involve a bride involve a groom. Sometimes, the fairytale love story we witness unfold happens between two women, and in that case, it might be time to get two matching tees for their bachelorette parties. 

This LGBTQ-friendly shirt is the perfect pairing for women who are in love with women. It’s Pride-friendly, stylish, and also takes an adorably gay twist on more traditional bachelorette party tees.

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

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12. “We Got The Bubbly/I Got The Hubby” Tank Set

Sleeves are so overrated, right? These party-friendly bachelorette party tank tops are a perfect way to kick off a celebration in a steamy island destination or a hot summer beach bar. This tank set has a colorful print and a cute saying that lets everyone know the reason for the season. 

With a tank set this cute, it’s very likely you might get free drinks. After all, how couldn’t you want to pour one for the girls seeing it? 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

13. “I’m Getting Meowied”

The old tale of women turning into crazy cat ladies if they don’t marry is just a myth. Cat lovers are just as lucky in love as dog lovers. If the bride-to-be is a notorious cat lover, you might just want to gift her a bachelorette tee that adds a feline twist to her party. 

This adorable shirt is G-rated, has a cute pun, and is a great way to show some love to your favorite cat person. 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

14. Ring Finger Shirts

This shirt set puts a new spin on the ol’ “Bride Tribe” shirt theme, and it’s a little raunchier than most. This epic theme will make onlookers look twice, only to notice the ring on the second take. 

Along with a cute design, this shirt set comes with a number of different colors for lettering. It’s a nice way to ensure the bachelorette party shirts also match your overall wedding theme, if you want them to. 


15. Wine Bachelorette Party Shirt Set

If there’s one thing that girls love to do during a bachelorette party, it’s sip on their favorite type of wine. It’s just the thing to do. To a point, it’s almost as if there’s also a sisterhood when it comes to sipping on wine. 

That’s what makes this bachelorette party set so epic. Whether you’re a fan of merlot, prosecco, or rosé, there’s a shirt for you here. Can we get a sip, sip, hooray?


16. 1990s Bachelorette Tanks

Bachelorette party tees tend to be pretty straightforward... and kind of basic. This isn’t a bad thing, per se, but if you want to add a quirky flair to your bach bash, then you definitely will have a harder time finding the right tees for your squad. 

This cool set of tanks lets you show your love of retro 90s kitsch in style, all while giving a subtle nod to the occasion. Better still, these totally tubular bridal party options also can be pretty club-friendly if you choose a less matrimony-focused phrase. Rock on. 


17. “Darth Bride” Shirts

Fellow nerds, isn’t it hard to find a bachelorette party tee set that speaks to your inner geek? It took quite a bit of digging to find a shirt set that celebrates marriage but also still stays true to your inner geek. 

This Star Wars-themed bridal set is a perfect way to add a pinch of geekery into an otherwise mainstream wedding. For the bride that wants her Jedi in shining armor, no tee could be a better pick. 


18. “Salty Hair, Don’t Care”

If you can’t tell, beach bachelorette parties are all the rage these days. There’s something about hanging out with the girls amidst sun, surf, and sand that just makes it perfect. These bachelorette party shirts are for ladies that get it, and want to celebrate it in oceanic style. 

Each of these shirts can be customized with the bride’s name and wedding year at the bottom. For squads that want to shout their team name out loud, that’s the icing on the (wedding) cake. 


19. Gold "Chaperone" Shirt

We all know that bachelorette parties can get wild, as can bachelor parties. It’s not unusual for some couples to agree to have a chaperone that keeps an eye on things and makes sure the partying doesn’t get out of hand. 

Everyone can get carried away, and it’s nice to know you have friends who can keep you in check. For bachelorette parties that need a little help keeping things tame, this chaperone shirt might be the best gift you can give the guy keeping an eye on things. 

(Check prices and reviews on Amazon)

20. “Bad and Boozy”

Looking for something a bit different from the norm, but don’t fully want to go too far from the mainstream? This shirt really works with that feeling. Tie-dye hippie flair meets hip-hop pun fun with this cute bridesmaid shirt. 

This shirt just screams festival fun, or really just works with any outdoors bachelorette party. You will love it. 


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