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Woman Shares The Outfit That Got Her Dress-Coded By Gym Worker Who Told Her She Had To Cover Up

Photo: TikTok
Hunter Aleece

A woman was left enraged after she was told to "cover-up" while working out at the gym.

In a TikTok video, Hunter Aleece explained that she had been minding her business while she was working out when she was suddenly approached by another woman who shamed her for what she'd been wearing while working out.

Aleece described being dress-coded by a gym employee because her stomach was showing.

"So I just got dress coded at the gym," Aleece began in her video. "For reference, this is what I'm wearing."

She showed the camera that she was dressed in a standard tank top with a sports bra underneath, leggings, and sneakers, a go-to outfit for many people when they are working out in a gym.

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Aleece explained that during her workout, she lifted the bottom of her tank top, which showed off a sliver of her stomach.

"Halfway through my workout, I literally lift my shirt up like this because I'm hot," she said, showing a photo of the change she made to her outfit. 

She clarified that it was the middle of a heat wave and she was starting to get warm while exercising.

"It's like 102 degrees out right now," she continued, adding that after lifting her tank top a fraction of an inch, she heard a woman calling out to her, "Excuse me, ma'am."

Immediately, Aleece said that she was wary of the intrusion but eventually takes out her headphones to see what the person wanted.

That's when the woman, who worked at the gym, asked if Aleece had "a shirt or something she can put on."

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Aleece then pointed out that she was wearing a shirt, pulling down the rest of her tank top so it covered her stomach again, and the woman promptly became flustered.

"Literally no one was even in there," Aleece remarked. "I'm up there minding my own business, working out, and you come up there and you decide that you're uncomfortable or whatever, and you tell me to put on a shirt."

Aleece's video garnered support from other users, who were equally shocked about her being dress coded.

"A sports bra is a workout shirt! Women in my gym wear them all the time. I would have asked to see the policy in writing!" one user wrote.

A second user added, "since when do gyms have a dress code and if so what you are wearing has you completely covered!"

"I got dress coded the gym because the shirt had a slightly opened back, it was a full-length, high-neck shirt with a slight open back," another user chimed in. 

A fourth user tried to theorize why the gym employee would ask Aleece to cover up in the first place.

"Some gyms require ppl to wear shirts so they don't sweat all over the equipment, especially if u don't bring a towel. Maybe that's what she meant?"

However, another user pointed out that it seems only women are ever asked to dress modestly at the gym, while men can work out in anything.

"Ok, but they never tell guys to put a shirt on over the tiniest singlets showing their muscles and everything."

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