Bride Says She Hid Her Engagement Until She Sent Out Wedding Invitations, Sparking Debate

She knew her friends would freak out.

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While some women choose to announce their engagement in sometimes extravagant ways, one woman decided to do the complete opposite, hiding the news from her friends until she sent out wedding invitations.

In a now-deleted TikTok video, according to Newsweek, a woman named Sierra, explained the story behind her decision, immediately sparking up a heated debate.

In an 18-second video, Sierra began by saying: "Tell me you live for chaos without telling me you live for chaos."


The bride hid her engagement entirely until she was already wedding planning.

"For the past two years, I have avoided talking about my relationship with my friends just so I can see their reactions when they open their mailboxes and find an invitation... To my wedding," she said while smiling.

Sierra continued, saying her friends had received invites on the day that she had made the TikTok, and in a follow-up video she explained the "context" of the situation.

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She said that because of the pandemic, she hadn't seen many of her friends for the last two years. 


Her fiancé had also been in the military and was stationed in Korea, so he hadn't seen their friends in some time either.

Sierra also said that she had been with her fiancé since they were "wee tots," and that most of their friends didn't know they were engaged because she just chose not to say anything.

In a comment under the video, Sierra clarified that her friends knew she and her fiancé were dating.

In a third video, Sierra featured some of her friends' reactions to finding out the news of her engagement.

Many of them seemed happy for the couple, while one of her friends found out because of the TikTok she'd made.

In Sierra's original video, multiple people weighed in on her decision to withhold her engagement news from her friends for some time. 


"This is a mood," one user wrote. "I wanna see reactions."

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Another user added: "I announced that I was pregnant after I had given birth. Twice! Highly recommend."

"You just saved your relationship from unwanted bad advice, which friends give a lot," a third user wrote.

However, other users weren't as understanding of Sierra's decision. 

"Yeah nah, I probably wouldn't continue the friendship tbh," one user wrote.

A second user admitted that would "feel so sad" if their "close friend" did that.


"I'd feel like they cut me out of a huge part of their life and didn't like me," they added, while someone else echoed that statement, writing: "I would low-key be upset that you didn't care enough to tell me yourself." 

In a statement to Newsweek, Sierra defended her choice, saying, "we are pretty private people and don't enjoy other people's input [into] our pretty strange situation. However, we knew our friends would freak out (in a great way) if we just sent them invitations to our wedding instead."

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