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Woman Gets Revenge On Husband Who Left His Wedding Ring At Home While On A Boys Trip To Vegas

Photo: TikTok
Woman's husband 'forgets' wedding ring for Vegas trip

When one woman noticed her husband had conveniently "forgotten" something very important at home before a weekend away, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

TikToker Gaby Leon posted a video of her reaction to her husband's blunder as a reminder to women everywhere to never let your man away with anything!

Her husband left his wedding ring behind before heading to Las Vegas.

"My husband forgot his wedding ring when he went to Vegas for a bachelor party with his friends," Leon captions her video.

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She then cuts the video to show her husband's wedding ring, then shows the texts they exchanged. First, she asks him if he had forgotten something, and he responded by asking what it was, with her retorting, "You tell me!!"

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He then responds with "My ring!!!???" which she sarcastically texts back, "You think," but then instead of a response, he gave a smug emoji.

Leon then asked if both of them are single this weekend then to which he replied no, but that's not what it looked like to her.

She told him to enjoy his weekend and to have fun, but he responded, "Babe, omg, I forgot." 

Leon decided to get some proper revenge on her husband.

Instead of letting it go, Leon decided to do something sinister and locked him out of his bank card. Instead of pouting at home, she decided to celebrate her weekend by going out too. 

Her video ends with her and her friend pouring booze into her mouth straight from the bottle with her partying on the dancefloor. 

"I'm smarter than he thinks, was I wrong?" her caption for her video reads. Commentors were quick to praise her.

"He knew it was the ring right away. Enjoy ya time, girl," one comment reads. "The amount of ring tan lines I saw when I was in Vegas," read another with red flag emojis. 

But one commenter came to the husband's defense, saying, "I just got back from a Vegas bachelorette and didn't take my ring. Don't ruin his time, let him have fun. He doesn't have to be out of town to cheat." 

Leon has not yet given an update on how things are with her husband after the trip but she certainly seems to have had her fun, regardless of what he got up to.

Let's hope he made an honest mistake and the two were able to work things out after enjoying their "single" weekend — he better not let it happen again, though!

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