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Bride Accidentally Includes Link To Adult Website On Her Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invite mix-up, TikTok

Wedding planning can be stressful, and it’s easy to forget a few things and make a mistake here and there — just try not to do what this TikTok bride did.

One bride-to-be's hilarious wedding invitation mixup is going viral on the app.

The bride shared that she accidentally included a link to an adult website in her wedding invitations.

In the video that has been viewed over one million times, Sydney Zotti reveals that she is planning for her upcoming wedding, which includes composing and sending out invitations.

“So I got my wedding invitations in the mail today, super exciting,” she says. “Except I made a very large mistake that I’m gonna share with you guys so other brides don’t make this mistake 'cause I’m sure it’s super common.” 



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Zotti displays one of her RSVP cards on a cream-colored card with gold cursive text that reads, “Kindly respond by the first of March to our wedding website.”

Below, there is a link, however, it is not to her wedding website.

Instead, it is a link to the adult website, Pornhub.

Zotti explains that she put the website down as a placeholder until she received the link for her wedding website and simply forgot that she put it there.

She adds that there is more than one mistake on the invites.

On the details card that was supposed to have the reception location, Zotti used “The Super Eight Motel” in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Of course, she had used this as a placeholder as well until she was definite on where her reception would be held.

Zotti had no idea of her mistake until she received copies of her wedding invitations.

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If you’re a guest I promise I didn’t block rooms off at the Super Eight Motel,” she assures viewers. “And if you’re my mom, I’m sorry, I will fix it.”

“I think it’s funny personally, but I don’t think anyone else is gonna think it’s funny, especially my family…and literally anyone else,” she adds.

However, many Tiktok users disagreed with Zotti and found her mistake to be hilarious.

“The lesson here is don’t copy and paste placeholders from your other browsing tabs,” one user commented, adding a laughing emoji.

“Haha! You will have to frame a copy of one of these with ur real invite so you can always open the frame and look back on it,” another user wrote.

Zotti posted a follow-up video, revealing to curious viewers what her mother thought of the mix-up.

She shares a screenshot of a text message her mother sent her after receiving the invitation.



“I am cracking up!!! Did that say pornhub.com?” the message reads.

“She sent me a hyperlink to this website! If I click on it, it goes to it!” Zotti says.

Her mother apparently had no idea what the website was about and had never heard of it.

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